The eighty couples give tea for 30 years for 30 years

A aluminum skin barrel, two tea cups, a pair of enthusiastic old couples … there is a free of charge at the junction of Guangqin Road and Tongjiang Avenue in Wuxi City The tea stall has been enthusiastic about serving the citizens of Wuxi for 30 years, and has become a beautiful landscape on the street.

Speaking of free tea stalls, it will start from 30 years ago. In the midsummer of 1976, Xu Afeng was 50 years old and just retired. He lived at home every day. One afternoon, a man knocked on the door of her house to drink water. Because there were many markets around her residence, there were many riding three -wheeled and pulling cars on the road of Guangqin. There were many pedestrians in the past. This incident made Xu Afeng’s idea of u200bu200bsetting up a stall. After discussing with his family, he was supported by his wife Wang Longgen and their children. From then on, Xu Afeng got up early every day, burned a few pots of tea, and placed at the door of the house for passers -by to drink. A few years later, the wife Wang Longgen retired, and the couple could not go to the park to play. They both provided free tea as the top priority in their lives. The master of the tricycle and the sanitation workers sweeping the road have become regular guests of free tea stalls. Pedestrians passing by often stop and patronize. Some passers -by are often moved by the spirit of the Wang Longgen couple and want to pay some tea money, but they are always declined by the couple.

In 2000, the Demonstration of the Chowama area of u200bu200bWuxi, nearly a hundred demolition workers came to this free tea stall to drink tea and rest. The original tea bucket could not be satisfied. Come to money, add 10 hot water bottles, 5 tea buckets and 4 kettles. When the weather is hot, the gas stove, coal stove, and electric kettle are “three -pronged”, and they will leave the stall at 6 am in the morning to meet the needs of demolition workers and passers -by. In that year, Wang Longgen was sent to the hospital for heat stroke due to excessive exhaustion, and he almost lost his life.

Today, the two elderly are over 80 years old, but they still insist on setting up tea stalls every day. In the kitchen of the elderly, there are large and small pots, buckets, and hot water bottles, which are more than 40. The old man said that these “guys” burned for a few hours on the fire every day, and it will leak water in a long time, but now it is fine. These “guys” are only used to install cold water, because they just invited people to spend more than 200 yuan for more than 200 yuan. A boiling water stove, fast speed, can save 100 yuan a month.

Wang Longgen’s daughter Wang Xiaomei introduced: Parents have suffered a lot when they were young, and their mother came out at the age of 8 to be a child to raise her daughter -in -law. Due to the poor body of the second old man and suffering from hypertension and heart disease, when the 6 children of the Spring Festival in 2006 were the second old (same age) to do 80 longevity, the elderly asked the elderly to put away the tea stall to enjoy the blessing, but every time the elderly would do it for this matter for this matter. Angry with them. Now the children also think about it, as long as the second old man is happy, they will support it.

“Doing good deeds is always better than burning incense and worshiping the Buddha, and he will never put away the tea stall without the old death.” The wife Xu Afeng said that as long as they still have a breath, they still have to move the tea stove, and the tea stall will not be collected. elderThe six children are worried about the physical condition of the elderly, but they can’t bear to stop the elderly’s good deeds. In addition to sending tea and ginger every month, they run to the elderly’s house as soon as they are free.Miscellaneous, sometimes the children receive the elderly to play at home. The purpose is to let them rest, but the old man can’t sit still. After sitting for a while, he will go home and run home. The couple remember the tea stall.

A free tea stall is thirty years.The old couples who set up a stall at the age of that year are now the elderly who are over 80 years old, and there are no countless passers -by who drink tea on the stalls.

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