Authentic Fuzhou Jasmine Tea

China Information: The day before yesterday, the newspaper A15 version of “Laojunmei Jasmine Tea Entering the RVs of the Daily” reported “Fuzhou Jasmine Master of Tea Traditional Crafts The trailer for the traditional Fuzhou Jasmine Tea to taste it for visitors personally received a lot of readers’ response.

Yesterday, at the site of the RV home federation exhibition, many people came to the exhibition at the exhibition and came to the exhibition of Jasmine Tea in Fuzhou to taste a cup of jasmine tea. Gift.

Authentic Fuzhou Jasmine Tea

There is no jasmine clock love Fuzhou jasmine tea

Buy tea for three consecutive days

There is no jasmine in it

I went to the RV Home Furnishing Exhibition and went around to drink a cup of tea. It was a very good choice to quench thirst and warm up.

When the viewer knew that this fragrant and sweet tea was Fuzhou Jasmine Tea, he was amazed: “Why haven’t you drank such delicious jasmine tea before?”

Fuzhou jasmine According to the relevant person in charge of the Tea Industry Alliance, it is difficult to buy authentic Fuzhou jasmine tea on the market. Many of them are cut -off ingredients, or jasmine tea made in other places. Together, sell as jasmine tea.
“In fact, there is no jasmine in the authentic Fuzhou jasmine tea.” The person in charge said that jasmine tea is a tea made of tea from the aroma of jasmine. Countless. Many people treat jasmine tea as low -grade tea because they did not touch authentic jasmine tea.

Master Weng Fushui introduced that he felt that Fuzhou Jasmine Tea was really good, so he was committed to research in this area. He hoped that everyone could re -understand the former glorious world of Fuzhou Jasmine Tea. He also hopes that through this newspaper, readers will objectively understand Fuzhou jasmine tea again, “it is not low -end goods.”

Love Fuzhou Jasmine Tea

Come to buy tea for three consecutive days
[ 123] In the “2010 Master and Tea King Competition of Fuzhou Jasmine Tea Traditional Craftsmanship and Tea King”, Weng Fushui, Fujian Minrui Tea Industry, won the title of master and inheritor inheritance. 4 gold awards.

Many readers come here, “I didn’t expect the master to be so young.” Some readers said that there was no shelf. “We also received gifts from tea cups and tea.” A couple said.

Then, Weng Fushui continued to receive three people who came in a row. One of the men in her 50s bought a jar of 8 窨 “Laojun Mei” Jasmine needle, and also A man in his 30s also bought 7 窨 “Old”Junmei “Jasmine white hair monkey.

A 40 -year -old woman with a Fuzhou accent made Weng Flower the most impressive.” I bought it the day before yesterday, I bought it yesterday, and I bought it today. “Weng Fushui told reporters yesterday that the woman was wearing a blue coat and bought a can of 1,600 yuan each time” Old Junmei “8 窨 Pearl King.

That woman After drinking tea, he said, “The rock sugar tastes very strong, so soaked more than ten times, and the house is full of aroma. “Seeing such a loyal consumers, Weng Fushui gave her 10 % off the scene.

Authentic jasmine tea

The cost of at least 100 yuan per catty

” Yes Is there a 2030 yuan pound of Fuzhou jasmine tea? “At 9 am, an old man of Fuzhou, about 50 years old, bought him Fuzhou Jasmine Tea as soon as he saw Weng Fushui.

The old man learned that now Fuzhou Jasmine Tea is at least 100 yuan a pound, and then he will be at least 100 yuan. I asked: “Fuzhou Jasmine Tea was only 9 yuan and 1 pound before. Why can’t I buy 1 catties and twenty yuan now? “In the end, the old man of Fuzhou left without returning.

Weng Fushui encountered more than once.

Weng Fushui introduced that the traditional Fuzhou jasmine tea should be 4 窨 1 1 To mention the above standards, there are 6,000 buds of sprouts per catty per catty of tea. It is equipped with 2.5 kg of Fuzhou local planting jasmine mixing and 窨. In 2010 It also costs 40-50 yuan, and at the same time, labor costs, taxes, etc.

The relevant person in charge of the Fuzhou Jasmine Tea Industry Alliance further analyzed that there was a certain humidity when the tea billet was collected. One requires dried water, which will cause loss. At the same time, it is continuously processing the formation of tea fragmented powder to sieve. These are the factors for the increase in the cost of Jasmine Tea in Fuzhou, so the authentic Fuzhou jasmine tea in the market cannot only be twenty or thirty pounds. Yuan.

Tieguanyin can make jasmine tea
Jasmine tea is suitable for drinking

Yesterday, at the site of the RV home house, many people After seeing the “Laojunmei” Jasmine Tieguanyin, I was surprised. “Tieguanyin can also make jasmine tea? Many people issued such questions.

Weng Fushui said that not only Tieguanyin can make jasmine tea, but also many tea can also be made into jasmine tea, such as
black tea,
Green Tea. In the 1980s, those who occupied the northern market were basically jasmine tea. At that time, jasmine tea was also the highest price of tea. Many tea leaves are not stained with jasmine. Tea must be transported to Fuzhou first and made into jasmine tea. Even at the time, the very famous West Lake Longjing and
Huangshan Maofeng were transported to Fuzhou and made into jasmine tea.
23] For why you need to develop various tea and jasmine, Weng Fushui introduced, this is to satisfy the taste of different people, collect both, and make the tea refreshing.Because various tea tastes and tea properties are different, so you can drink it early, middle, and late.
Weng Fushui suggested that when you are older at night, drink jasmine black tea, and drink authentic Fuzhou jasmine tea in the morning.

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