2 yuan self -made slimming refreshing flower grass tea

Sweet and sour fruits, coupled with soft and passionate flowers and plants, co -drying becomes a warm and sweet flower fruit Tea. Like flower and grass tea, flower tea also has medicinal effects, and the same natural smoothness. Some flower tea also has the effects of refreshing and slimming. The sweet and sour flower tea, with the sweet flavor of the fruit, forms a different and very different atmosphere of the flowers and grass tea.

Organic lemon ginger tea

Production: Add lemon and ginger particles to organic tea.

Nutrition comments: wonderful citrus fragrance, elegant color, and the taste of lemon natural refreshment is balanced in the ginger ginger. The most important child ginger also has a slimming effect, which is a natural weight loss product.

Organic wild miscellaneous plum tea

Production: brewed with dried miscellaneous plums

Nutrition comment: Miscellaneous fruit grows in shrubs bushes The appearance is dark red, with unforgettable aroma and delicious fruits.

Organic orange coconut tea

Production: Add cut orange and coconut to the organic tea

Nutrition comment: fresh orange, fresh taste, orange, Coupled with smooth cream coconut, a surprising combination. It has the effect of clearing qi and refreshing, suitable for drinking at work.

Organic Mint Vanilla Tea

Production: Add mint and vanilla brewing to organic tea

Nutrition comment: vanilla can help digestion, unique flavors of mint, there is a unique taste of mint, there are, there are, there are, there is a mint. Clear aroma. Drinking when drowsiness has the effects of eliminating fatigue and clearing the purpose. After the summer, it is a good product to eliminate the heat.

Five reasons for loving tea:

Reason 1: Vitamin C

Don’t underestimate this small blade, the vitamin content in it is enough Essence Only 25 grams of tea are required every day, and the vitamin C you need a day is basically guaranteed.

Reason 2: Tea Polyphenol

Vitamin E has always been known as the veteran ingredients of anti -aging, but do you know, Tea polyphenols in tea is vitamin E 18.5 times.

Reason 3: Vitamin B

Vitamin B in tea can be dissolved in tea soup, so drinking tea can be absorbed. Do not ignore the skin’s guarantee function of vitamin B. For example, vitamin B2 is called beauty vitamin. It can promote metabolism and make the blood blood vessels unobstructed. Once insufficient appears, skin disorders such as small wrinkles, rough skin, sunlight allergies, and acne.

Reasons 4: Inorganic salts and minerals

Inorganic salts and minerals are a must -have part of the organism, and most of the elements required by the human body are contained in tea. Generally drinking 5-6 cups of tea a day, the useful minerals you need is half met.

Reason 5: Low calories

Is there a more secure drink than tea? Not only will it not cause you to get stuck, many kinds of tea can also lose blood lipids

to lose weight. This is due to the coffee coffee in tea, which can stimulate gastric fluid secretion and intestinal motility, promote appetite and speed up the digestion after meals, especially to promote the digestion of protein and fat.


How to absorb the nutrients in the tea more?

1. Only absolute boiling water can make the essence in the tea all brewed.

2. Eating tea can not only get more nutrition, but also the lignin and cellulose it contains can also help digestion and defecation.

3. Generally speaking, a cup of tea is brewed 4 times before brewing the effective substances in the tea.

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