In summer, who should drink tea often

Drinking tea is good for physical and mental health, and you can drink tea all year round. Just like it is a hot summer now, drinking a cup of tea can eliminate fatigue, relieve heat and quench thirst. In short, drinking tea in summer also has many benefits. So, in summer, who should drink tea more often? Let’s take a look together. In summer, the following people should drink tea often:? 1. People who drink alcohol often? Drunk injuries, but often have to drink alcohol, how to reduce the harm of alcohol to the human body is a problem that we often want to answer. We know that tea contains amino acids, biosamis, sugars, vitamins, proteins, and enzymes, and many of them are conducive to hangover. For example, the tea saponin in tea can inhibit the absorption of alcohol and relieve liver injury caused by excessive drinking; sugar contained in tea can protect the liver; drinking tea can dilute alcohol, promote gastrointestinal peristalsis, reduce alcohol absorption absorption ; Tea can diuretic, promote alcohol to discharge in vitro. • Drinking tea is good for hangover, but drinking tea should also be particular. Generally speaking, it is best to choose Pu’er tea to hangover. In the process of hydrolyzing alcohol, the human body needs a large amount of vitamin C. Pu’er tea that is cooked by fermented and cooked has increased vitamin C doubled due to the effect of microorganisms during processing. After entering the human gastrointestinal, the attribute Ganwen will form a layer of mucosa attached to the surface layer of the gastric, which is beneficial to the stomach, and the content of soluble sugar in Pu’er tea is more than other tea, which also has special effects for hangover. In addition, the concentration of tea should not be too high, otherwise the coffee coffee in the tea may increase the heart rate and increase the burden on the heart, which worsen the headache. 2. People who smoke often? Compared with drinking, smoking is harmful and no good, it is an unhealthy living habit. Long -term smoking can lead to a variety of diseases such as brain diseases, cardiovascular diseases, cataracts, and cancer. Reducing the damage to the human body, drinking tea can also play a good role. This role is mainly manifested in three aspects: first, drinking tea often can reduce the possibility of smoking to induce cancer. Tea drinking has anti -cancer and anti -cancer effects. Tea polyphenols in tea can inhibit the release of free radicals and control the proliferation of cancer cells. Camellin is a antioxidant and a free radicals inhibitor, which can inhibit tumors caused by smoking. Second, drinking tea often helps to reduce radiation pollution caused by smoking. Tea drinking can effectively prevent radioactive substances from invading the bone marrow. The catechins and fat polysaccharides in the tea can reduce the harm of radiation to the human body and have a significant protective effect on the hematopoietic function. Third, drinking tea often can prevent cataracts caused by smoking. Tea contains carotene that is much higher than ordinary vegetables and fruits. Carotene can not only prevent cataracts and protect the eyes, but also prevent cancer and anti -cancer, anti -nigine, and nickel. 3. People who stay up late? Staying up late requires full energy. At this time, you need a cup of healthy good tea to refresh your mind. Studies have confirmed that coffee coffee in tea can excite the central nervous system, enhance the excitement process of large cerebral cortex, make the brain sober, and think agile, and at the same time accelerate blood circulation and promote metabolism. After drinking a cup of tea, you will feelFor example, the lame, from the aroma to the soup, massage your tight nerves from the inside to the outside. 4. People who are often on the screen? Tea contain polyphenols, fatty acids, vitamin C, etc., which can effectively reduce radiation. On the other hand, long -term face -facing mobile phone screens will cause damage to people’s eyes. The vitamins and carotene contained in tea have a certain protective effect on vision. Therefore, we recommend that people who often have good habits of drinking tea for computer office. 5. People with poor stomachs? We know different tea and different tea nature. People who drink tea need to choose cold or mild tea according to their own physique. Under the concentration of concentration, mild tea and black tea will not only have a stimulating effect on the stomach. After the smooth, sticky, and mellow tea enter the human gastrointestinal, it will also form a layer of membrane. The role of protection. Long -term drinking can play a role in nourishing the stomach and protecting the stomach. In addition, Pu’er tea also has the function of promoting gastrointestinal motility. Long -term drinking can help laxative and improve intestinal immunity. 6. People with cold and dampness? People with cold constitution are cold in their hands and feet, and their blood circulation is not smooth. In the cold and cold season of autumn and winter, symptoms such as decreased immunity and slow metabolism. At this time, our body needs a cup of warm and warm tea to promote the circulation of blood throughout the body and resist the coldness of the cold. • People with heavy moisture in the body often feel that they are sleepy and lack of appetite, loss of appetite, and cold hands and feet. Most of them belong to the poor spleen and stomach function, and there are also some physique of deficiency. At this time, you need to choose warm -nourishing tea such as cooked and black tea to maintain. These tea can effectively moisturize the gas. On the other hand, the diuretic function of tea can also help people eliminate the humidity in the body. 7. People who love beauty? Tea has a very strong antioxidant effect and the effect of removing free radicals, which can effectively prevent aging. Many studies have proved that the antioxidant activity of active ingredients in tea is much higher than vitamin C and vitamin E. The rich vitamins in tea can promote skin health. Tea polyphenols have the effects of blocking lipid peroxidine reactions and removing activated enzymes. Many cosmetics brands now have launched skin care products containing tea ingredients, which have the effects of removing greasy, converging pores, anti -skin aging, and reducing the effects of ultraviolet radiation damage in the sun. Studies have confirmed that there are various compounds such as coffee, myosol, folic acid, and aromatic substances in tea, which can enhance gastric fluid secretion, regulate fat metabolism, and have a good decomposition of protein and fat, so drinking tea can lose weight. The effect of tea in the “Materia Medica Pickling” in the Tang Dynasty has a record of “long food”, and the border ethnic minorities in our country also say “no tea without tea”. In addition, drinking tea can also be healthy to prevent caries and names. So you must not miss the effect of tea maintenance with tea. ? The above -mentioned types of people can drink more tea in the summer. Of course, drinking tea often does not allow you to drink a lot. Daily tea drinking requires appropriate amount, pay attention to scientific drinking, so that it is really good for your health.