Where can I buy green green tea?What are the types of steamed green tea?

Steamed green tea is an ancient tea. The green tea made by this method is particularly tender and soft. After this process, the dry and eaten tea belongs to the color green soup green leaf green best tea. You can buy steamed green tea in many places around us Just master the method of buying! The type of steaming green tea? 1. Hubei Enshi Yulu? Enshi Yulu is produced in Bana Township and Wuding Mountain in the east suburbs in southern Enshi City, Hubei. Hubei has a long history of tea production. It was famous as early as the Tang Dynasty. It is still an important tea -producing province in my country. 2. Hubei Dangyang’s cactus tea? Fairy palm tea, also known as Yuquan cactus, is produced in Yuquan Temple in Yuquan Mountain, Yuquan Mountain, Dangyang City, Hubei Province. It is a flat -shaped green green tea. The production history of fairy palm tea, according to the 178th volume of “Tang Poems”, “Dangyang County Chronicle” and “Yuquan Temple”, it was founded in Yuquan Temple in the Tang Dynasty. It has a history of more than 1,200 years. 3. Yang Xian Tea in Yixing in Jiangsu? Yangxian Tea is produced in Tang Gongshan, Nanyue Temple, Lishan, Lingling and other places in Yixing. “Yang Xian Tea” is well -known throughout the country with the characteristics of Tang Qing, aromatic and mellow. How to buy steamed green tea? 1. Look at the color? Everyone is green, the tea is fat and thick, or those with more white millis are usually spring tea; 2. Look at the shape? Flat green tea stripes There is no green green leaf stalk is a good tea; curled or snail -shaped green tea, tightly tight, white or Feng seedlings show that the raw materials are good and fine workmanship. 3. Smell the aroma? The aroma is fresh and rich, and the slightly cooked chestnut is good tea. 4. Seeing the season? Green tea is best in spring tea, followed by winter tea, so you have to buy good green tea. It is best to buy better and fresh in spring. If you buy it in summer and autumn, not only the number is not large, but the spring tea is stored at this time, it is usually not very fresh. 5. Choose white tea? Green tea is usually made of picked buds. The tender buds will form white hairs. We call it white or silver. Therefore, with white tea, it means that it is made of tea blue and tender buds. It is a better tea. 6. Observe the color of tea? Because green tea and other tea are easy to oxidize, if you buy bulk tea, you should pay more attention to freshness when you buy. Brown and no gloss. 7. Pay attention to the manufacturing date? Because it is easy to oxidize, when purchasing the packaged green tea, you should pay special attention to the manufacturing date and the storage period. In principle, the better the better. Fragrance and nutrition. 7. Understand the place of origin? Because various tea is suitable for growth and soil quality, the quality of tea produced in different places is also different. If you are very particular about drinking tea and the taste buds are also sharp, you can buy trials by yourself. In addition, you can also buy tea with famous origin. In general, there are many places that can be purchased by our side, so for consumers, as long as you buy in a regular place, and you can buy high -quality tea!