What is the difference between Huangshan Maofeng and Anji White Tea?

Huangshan Maofeng is the famous green tea, and Anji White Tea is also a famous green tea. So what is the difference between Huangshan Maofeng and Anji White Tea? Let’s take a look at Huangshan Maofeng and Anji White Tea. Huangshan Maofeng? 1. Origin? Huangshan Maofeng: Huangshan Maofeng is one of the top ten famous tea in China and belongs to green tea. It is produced in Huangshan (Huizhou), Anhui Province, so it is also known as Hui Tea. ? 2. Quality Huangshan Maofeng level is extremely particular. The super -grade Huangshan Maofeng is made of excellent quality, whiteness, and heavy weight with the fresh leaves of the new shoots of the first buds and one leaf and the second leaf. The fresh leaves of fresh leaves of the Yellow Mountain Maofeng in the first to third level are one bud and one leaf, the first exhibition of one bud and two leaves, and the first buds, two and three leaves. ? The peak of the special Huangshan Mountains looks like a tongue, and the white is revealed, the color is like ivory, and the fish leaves are golden. After brewing, the soup is clear, the taste is thick, mellow, sweet, and the bottom of the leaves is tender and yellow. Among them, “Fish Leaf Golden” and “Like ivory” are the two obvious features different from other Maofeng’s appearance and other Maofeng. 3. Processing? Huangshan Maofeng: The manufacturing of Huangshan Maofeng is the four processes of picking, killing green, twisting, and drying baking. 4. Create history? Huangshan Maofeng: Due to the height of the mountains, the quality of the soil, the warm and humidity, the “morning and evening when it is sunny, the rain is full of rainy and the clouds are full of mountain clouds.” According to historical records, Huangshan Tea was quite famous more than 400 years ago. Anji White Tea? 1. Origin? Anji White Tea: Anji White Tea, Special Products of Anji County, Huzhou City, Zhejiang Province, national geographical logo products. 2. Quality? Anji White Tea: It belongs to green tea, according to the principle of green tea processing and the quality characteristics of Anji White Tea itself. Anji White Tea looks like a phoenix, yellow green room, bright and oily, fresh and long -lasting aroma, fresh and mellow taste, clear and bright soup, leaf buds and leafs, leaf white veins, Anji white tea is rich in human body needs For 18 amino acids, its amino acid content is 5-10.6%, which is 3-4 times higher than ordinary green tea. Polyphenols are less and other green tea. Therefore, Anji white tea tastes particularly fresh and has no bitterness. Anji white tea is straight and slightly flat, shaped like orchids; the color is green, and the white charm is revealed; the leaf buds are like golden -inlaid blue sheaths, wrapped in silver arrows inside, which is very pleasant. After brewing, the fragrance is high and lasting. The taste is fresh, after drinking, the lips and teeth are fragrant, and the aftertaste is sweet. The leaf bottom is tender and green, and the buds and leaves can be distinguished. 3. Processing? Anji White Tea: Fresh leaves of the tea tree of “White Leaf One”; the picking period should be in spring; the main processing of stalling green, killing, rational bars, cooling, first baking, roasting, and finishing, etc. Methods; tea content of tea is not higher than 5%; the total amount of tea leaves is not less than 5%. 4. Create history? Anji White Tea: Anji White Tea has a history of nearly a thousand years. As early as during the Huizong period of the Song Dynasty, Zhao Zhao’s “Grand View Tea Theory” was recorded in Anji White Tea. In summary, the difference between Anji White Tea and Huangshan Maofeng is mainly manifested in four including origin, quality, processing and creation of historyaspect.