What honors did the production status of Tongcheng Xiaohua get?

Production status

Tongcheng Xiaohua, also known as u0026 mdash; u0026 mdash; small flower tea. “Tongcheng Wind”: u0026 ldquo; Tea, there are all kinds of people in the mountain gardens, only u0026 hellip; u0026 hellip; Longquanzhong tea is produced in the clouds and fog gaps. Longmian Mountain Sun’s Pepper Garden Tea is also good. u0026 rdquo;. Tongcheng Xiaohua is known as Xiaolan flower tea, which belongs to the flower and tea department of Anhui and Zealand. Tongcheng Xiaohua is a historic tea, which is green tea-organic green tea, tea farmers online direct sales, value for money. Created in the Ming Dynasty, produced in Tongcheng City, and the main production area was located in Longmian Mountain. Since the Ming Dynasty, it has a history of more than 500 years of production. Tongcheng Xiaohua tea production is relatively scattered, and most of them are decentralized for tea farmers.

Won the title

In 1986, Tongcheng Xiaohua won the title of famous tea in Anhui Province. In 1991, he won u0026 ldquo; In the same year, he was awarded the title of u0026 lsquo; 98 International Tea Expo Famous Brand Recommended Products u0026 RSQUO;, the following year, he won the title of u0026 lsquo; In 1996, under the guidance of tea experts from Anhui Agricultural University, Tongcheng developed and developed Longmian Chuncui.

The tea is based on the Yangtong head, yellow grass tip, and 140 hectares of tea gardens of the Longmian Mountain. During the Qingming to Gu Yu, Choose in the Longmian group and the non -sexy breed tea garden in the Longmian group. , Edge a bud and one leaf at the first exhibition, with a length of 2.5 u0026 mdash; 3 cm of sprouts as raw materials. After the stalls, killing, first baking, scoring, re -baking, and fragrance, the whole process uses famous tea mechanical processing.

The shape of the finished tea is straight and slightly flat, uniform and strong, the color is green and fresh, the soup is light green and bright, the taste is fresh and sweet, the aroma is long -lasting, and the leaf bottom is tender and green. In May 1998, it was reviewed by tea experts in Anhui Province and was listed as a provincial famous tea. In the same year, I won u0026 lsquo;