What brands are better on the market?

  中國茶葉品牌繁多,中國十大名茶,個中較為知名的茶葉品牌別離有:中茶、八馬、吳裕泰、竹葉青、大益、天福、 Zhang Yiyuan, Huixiu, Junshan, Yi Futang, etc.

In addition to Zhejiang Longjing, the best tea in Tieguanyin, Fujian is the best in our hometown. Taohuayuan tea is fragrant.

There are not many old -fashioned tea leaves, 600 miles of Taiping Monkey Kui, Hui Liu Gourd Film, Xie Yu Dahuangshan Mao Peak, 30,000 Changbi Luochun, Zhang Yiyuan Wu Yutai Jasmine, Hangzhou Tea Factory Longjing Essence

China’s top ten famous tea 1. Longjing tea Longjing tea is the first tea in my country, produced in the mountains near West Lake, Hangzhou, Zhejiang Province, with u0026 quot; West Lake Longjing u0026 Quot; Mei Mei Wu Longjing u0026 Quot;, u0026 Quot; Lishifeng Longjing u0026 Quot;, the best produced by Lion Peak in Longjing Village u0026 QUOT; Lion Peak Longjing u0026 Quot; Longjing Cameon is known as u0026 quot; Sereng, fragrant, mellow, and beautiful u0026 quot; 2. It is produced in Anxi County, Minnan. The shape of the shape is like a dragonfly, the tail is like a tadpole, the color sand is green, the texture is as heavy as iron, the beauty is like Guanyin, the taste is high and mellow, the aftertaste is sweet, with unique u0026 quot; Guanyin rhyme u0026 quot; It is known as the beauty of u0026 quot; seven bubbles. It is best to produce in the birthplace of Wei Yin Tieguanyin in Xiping Songlin, and it is the top of oolong tea. 3. Wuyiyan tea is produced in Wuyi Mountain, northern Fujian. Ninety -nine rocks, rock rocks have a tea, one tea, unique collection, u0026 quot; big red robe u0026 quot;, u0026 quot; Tie Luohan u0026 quot;, u0026 quot; water golden turtle u0026 quot;, u0026 quot; u0026 quot; cinnamon u0026 quot; wait for the name 枞. The shape of the rock tea is thick and tight, with nail -shaped, colorful sand, green, fresh luster, pan u0026 quot; treasure color u0026 quot; The fragrance of the flowers and fruits is strong and high, the taste is strong and refreshing, and it has a unique u0026 quot; rocky rhyme u0026 quot; 4. Biluochun Kangxi. It is produced in Dongting Mountain in Taihu, Wu County, Jiangsu. The shape of tea is rolled in the shape of the tea. u0026 quot; Dongting Biluochun, tea fragrance is the most u0026 quot; 5. Huangshan Maofeng is produced in Taohua Creek, Anwei Huangshan. Gong tea in the Song Dynasty. The super -grade Huangshan Maofeng can be called the best of Mao Feng in our country. It looks like a tongue, uniform and strong, and the peaks are exposed. The bottom of the tender yellow is fat. Among them, u0026 quot; golden pornography u0026 quot; and u0026 quot; ivory color is the two obvious features of the exactly the shape of the special Huangshan Maofeng and other Maofeng. 6. Junshan Silver Needle is produced in Qingluo Island, Yueyang Dongting Lake.The description of grass for two thousand years. The buds are strong and straight, the hairs are covered, and the color is golden and bright. It is called u0026 quot; gold inlaid jade u0026 quot;; When brewing, the bud head was erected straight in the glass, and it was unearthed like a group of bamboo shoots. It was like a sharp knife upright. 7. Liu’an Gua tablets are produced in Qiling Mountain in the Anwei Liu’an area. The shape is like melon seeds, naturally flat, leaf margins are slightly tilted, color is green, uniform in size, without sprouts and tea stalks; Gan, the soup is clear and translucent, and the bottom of the leaf is green and bright. According to the seasons of the system, there are three varieties: Gu Yu’s premise called u0026 quot; pieces u0026 quot;, the best quality; subsequent use of the system u0026 quot; melon film u0026 quot;; The worst. 8. Xinyang Maojian is produced in Xinyang County, Dabie Mountain, southern Henan Province. The shape of Xinyang Mao tip is fine, round, tight, straight, and white; the internal texture is fragrant and the soup is green. 9. Duyong Maojian is produced in Duyun County, Guizhou Qiannan Bubai and Miao Autonomous Prefecture. u0026 quot; Three greens and three yellow u0026 quot; It is the characteristic of Duyong Majian tea, that is, the dry tea is green and yellow, the soup is green through yellow, and the leaf bottom is green with yellow. Shiyun: u0026 quot; Snow bud fragrance is uniform, Baiya Longjing Biluochun, drinking flowers fresh taste, heart is like a fairy u0026 quot; 10. Qimen black tea is produced in Qimen County, Anwei Province. Qimen black tea strip is tight, the front seedlings are good, the color is black and black, commonly known as u0026 quot; Baoguang u0026 Quot; Yong, the bottom of the leaves is soft and red. West Lake Longjing Tieguanyin Biluo Chun Huangshan Maofeng I think is more popular

The pedestrian on the tip of the tea brand, Eight Horse, Dayi, Zhuye Qing, Guixin Buddhist.
2. In addition to a little bit, like tea, what are the good tea brands on the market?
Luxury tea is pretty good now, and there is a brand made by the same R u0026 D team as Xixi Tea. The taste and taste are still very good. Now there are hundreds of stores.

The master asked if this wanted to join? It is recommended to choose a product that is more productive, and the headquarters supports the company. My friend joined the small wings of the coffee wings before, and joined the fairy sister Yin Feng. Because the site selection is better, the small shop is still profitable at present, and it is relatively fast. Of course, it is more supported by this brand headquarters, which is more about personal operations. From the current market, the beverage market has huge potential.
What are the top ten tea franchise brand rankings?
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Which is the best to join in Chaye shop? What are the top ten tea franchise brands?

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“red bud crooked tail peach” is the authentic Anxi Tieguanyin tea, u0026 quot; Anxi Tieguanyin u0026 quot;