What are the green tea suitable for girls

1. What are the green tea? What are the green tea suitable for women?
One. 1. Skin: Beauty and healthy skin drinking green tea can eliminate dark spots, wrinkles, freckles, and skin cracks. Green tea can be used for skin beauty and massage. 2. Cancer: Four cups of green tea every day inhibit cancer cells recently. Purdue University in the United States further studied confirmed that the catechin in green tea-EGCG (Epigaloctechin-3-Gallit) can inhibit the growth of cancer cell growth. Enzymes and cancer cells cultivated by laboratory and do not harm healthy cells. This study is about to conduct human test. —— Gastrointestinal cancer, ovarian cancer, breast cancer, and skin cancer green tea can prevent gastrointestinal cancer. Daily drinking green tea can reduce the incidence of ovarian cancer. Mei discovery green tea can prevent breast cancer. Four cups of green tea per day can prevent skin cancer. Possible causes: rich in antioxidants such as EGCG; green tea can cause new blood vessels around the cancer cells to shrink. Master of weight loss -Green tea all kinds of tea leaves, green tea is truly contained in a large amount of EGCG, which accelerates the burning of calories, which may also be the reason why green tea can lose weight. 5. Tooth solid and prevent periodontal disease. 2. The eight major functions of green tea “Beijing Youth Daily” May 01, 2003 1. Antioxidants contained in anti -aging green tea can help resist aging. Because the process of human metabolism, if peroxidation, it will produce a large amount of free radicals, which is easy to aging, and will cause cells to hurt. SOD (super oxide dismissal) is a free radical clearance agent, which can effectively remove excess free radicals and prevent free radical damage to the human body. Cateles in green tea can significantly improve the activity of SOD and remove free radicals. 2. Antibacterial research shows that the catechins in green tea have inhibitory effects on part of the bacteria that cause the human disease, and at the same time do not cause the beneficial bacteria in the intestine, so the green tea set has the function of the whole intestine. 3. Animal experiments made by scientists with blood lipids show that the catechins in tea can reduce the amount of total cholesterol, free cholesterol, low -density lipoprotein cholesterol, and triglyceride, which can increase high density lipoprotein cholesterol. Experiments on the human body show that there is a suppression of platelet agglutination and reducing the incidence of arteriosclerosis. Green tea contains flavonol alcohol and has antioxidant effects. It can also prevent blood clots and platelets into groups, reducing cardiovascular disease. 4. Slimming and lipid -reducing green tea contains tea and caffeine. It can activate protein kinase and triglycerin lipidase through many effects to reduce the accumulation of fat cells, so it achieves weight loss effects. 5. Anti -dental caries and clear -eyed green tea contain fluoride. Among them, catechins can inhibit the effects of raw caries and reduce the occurrence of plaque and periodontitis. The tannic acid contained in tea has a bactericidal effect and can prevent food residue from breeding bacteria, so it can effectively prevent bad breath. three. Korean experts found that the polyphenols contained in green tea EGCG have the function of protecting nerve cells: CCTV International Green Tea Health CareEnergy: weight loss, prevent hypertension, diuretic, improve cardiovascular function, prevent cancer, anti -radiation, sterilize and anti -inflammatory, remove diarrhea, prevent tooth decay, four. The benefits of green tea: 1. Drinking green tea health and longevity of green tea have been recorded since ancient times. Green tea contains catechin ingredients and β-carotene, vitamin C, vitamin E, etc., which has a wonderful effect on removing free radicals, delaying aging, and preventing cancer. Furthermore, it can prevent cell gene mutations, inhibit the growth of malignant tumors, lower blood lipids, lower blood pressure, prevent cardiovascular disease, and prevent colds, tooth decay and eliminate bad breath. 2. Green tea anti -oxidation increases skin resistance to add green tea ingredients to the skin care products. The most important thing is to borrow its antioxidant effect to increase skin resistance to achieve the purpose of anti -aging. 3. Anti -radiation is in the air -conditioning environment all day. It is best to change green tea, supplement water, eliminate toxins in the body, and prevent computer radiation. Although there are many benefits of green tea, you can’t regard it as a lot of spirit. Pregnant women and girls cannot drink too much green tea during their physiological period. Green tea containing caffeine will increase the number of urination and heartbeat of pregnant women, and will increase the burden on the heart and kidneys of pregnant women. Caused by blood gas, it will make people who were originally cold and cold, and even cause chaos during menstruation. Therefore, it is not recommended that women drink too much green tea during pregnancy and physiological. In addition, patients with heart disease should not drink too much green tea. For example, patients with myocardial infarction, the muscle cells of the heart have no way to provide oxygen. At this time, the help of new blood vessels is needed, but green tea will inhibit the production of new blood vessels, so to avoid drinking too much green tea at this time. Tang Yiyao said. The commercially available green tea products do not know the source and brewing process of tea, and it is not clear whether the catechins of green tea are destroyed. Therefore, it is recommended that you buy green tea tea to brew home by yourself. It is better to drink green tea every four to five hours. The amount of one time is about two grams of green tea leaves. Add 200cc of water soaking. The water temperature should be controlled at 85 degrees. It will be destroyed and the human body cannot be absorbed. The way to drink is correct, green tea can exert its real effects. It is recommended that you buy tea and brew home. Not only can you enjoy the fun of making tea, but you can also really health for your body. Economy and affordable, it is really good! I added that friends in the high fluoride area still chose carefully, because the fluorine content in the tea is quite high, most of me now drink boiled water. But its advantages are still many, please to identify it.

You can drink flower tea. Little tea beads are very cute, with the aroma of jasmine. Faintly

There are too many types, as long as the appropriate amount can be available, you can just use the appropriate amount.
2. What kind of green tea is suitable for girls to drink?
Green tea is cool .. You can drink except for the physiological period …
Just drink it appropriately .. Don’t drink too much …
Of course it will be better to drink with honey (you can drink it (you yourself Bubble)

Biluochun, general bait, green tea. Green tea roughly contains the variety: West Lake Longjing, Congting Biluochun, Huangshan Maofeng, Lushan Cloud Fog, Mengding Ganlulu, Xinyang Maojian, Taiping Monkey Kui, Quangang Huibai, Liu’an Gua, Kaihua Dragon Top Purple bamboo shoots, Anji white slices, green peony in the mountains, golden altar tongue, Nanshan Shoumei, bamboo leaves green, Erui, Nanshan white hair tea, Erquan Yinhao, Huiming green tea, sun -cast snow teeth, all wool tip and so on. It is recommended that you drink some moisturizing tea, such as rose eggplant plus hawthorn slices, which can not only nourish the beauty and help digestion to have a certain amount of weight loss effect. It is just a little bit of acid. If you don’t like it, you can add a little bit. It is also good. Answer supplements are: fructic tea —- Health and Nature 1. Golden orange honey 2. Fresh fruit tea 3. Honey lemon tea 4. Plum green tea 5. 8. Coconut Milk Tea 9. Pingxiang Green Tea Beauty Tea —- Beautiful Health 1. Beautiful Skin Skin Vinegar Tea 2. Wolfberry Clear Tea 3. Dajube Wolfberry Tea 4. Chrysanthemum Tea 5. Whitening Tea 7. Remove fat hawthorn tea 8. Milk fragrant green tea 9. Symnoma whitening tea 10. Rose ginseng tea 11. Cassia wolfberry tea 12. Guiyuan red jujube tea 13. Ginseng wolfberry tea 14. Cinnamon lotus leaf tea 15. Green grass tea Flower Tea —- Temperament? M Division 1. Fresh flower tea 2. Honey pomelo tea 3. Luoshen tea 4. Mint incense tea 5. osmanthus tea 6. Jasmine tea 7. Rose tea 8. Violet tea 9. Lavender 9. Lavender Bodhi Tea

Wahaha Hao
It is not enough to drink as little as possible, too much additives to drink too much

Master Kang’s green tea is good

3. 3. What tea is good for girls to drink in the four seasons?
Spring: Green Tea Summer: Gold and Silver Flowers, Chrysanthemum (Clear heat and detoxifying) Autumn: Drinking honey best Dong: Drinking the moisturizing tea

Drinking more in the summer is no defense It can cool down the heat and put it in the refrigerator to be better, strong liver, clear heat, Biluochun and other green tea. Green tea is negative. Put it in an appropriate amount of boiling for about half an hour, remove the residue and get the juice, cook for about 20 minutes, remove the juice, beauty, lose weight, clear the liver and eyes, and have a certain effect on wind and heat. Lotus leaf herbal tea: Shit half of lotus leaves into pieces, 10 grams each with traditional Chinese medicine talc and atractylodes. 3. Green tea content is also more. Jasmine: Moisturize the intestines, add a small amount of white sugar, make a small amount of sugar, make a mulberry tea, elastic, reflect the stomach, and then add a small amount of sugar to stir well. Mulberry tea: 10 grams each of mulberry leaves and white chrysanthemums, 3 grams of licorice in the pot and cooking blood, blood gas, and a small amount of sugar and stir well. After cooling, drink it. Watermelon peeling tea. According to reports, put sugar and stir well. I often drink this herbal tea refreshing. Girls who often sit in the office can also choose the following kinds of flower tea in summer. Drink this kind of mulberry tea, put it in a tea cup: wash 10 grams of dried orange peel and tearSmall pieces, 6 grams of licorice, put in water and annealing, have auxiliary effects on headache and eye fatigue, can gradually improve headache: strong liver and nourishing the stomach? Sweating in the summer, the consumption of fluid in the human body, drinking green tea will not only benefit health, but it may also cause some trouble to the body. 2 Drinking tea pays attention to the different seasons. After washing, cut into pieces, abdominal pain, adjusting hormonal secretion, nervous nervousness, can heat up the lungs and moisturize the throat, eliminate lumbar pain, regulate qi and blood, and reduce fatigue. It is effective for wound healing. Red powder roses: 1. For girls in menstrual periods. Chamomile: Chamomile tea can effectively improve the symptoms of insomnia. It also has a significant effect on neuralgia, menstrual pain, gastroenteritis, 6 grams each time, about 1,000 grams of water, boil for 5 minutes, cover the cup cover for about 10 minutes, 10 minutes. , Go to the watermelon peeling tea that has been diuretic and detoxify. Mint herbal tea: Buy mint leaves and licorice at the Chinese medicine shop. Lavender: It is effective for alleviating cough and insomnia. At this time, drinking Longjing and Mao Feng! In addition to green tea, in the early morning, red powder roses and fat reduction tea are soaked in the morning. The taste is bitter and cold. 4. Allergic body drinking green tea is easy to vomit, then remove the residue, and put a small amount of sugar: conditioning endocrine disorders: purple roses, which has the effect of removing fire. It is suitable for frequent drinking in summer: Many people have discarded the skin after eating watermelon. The green layer of the outer skin is used, beauty, beauty, and menstrual blood circulation. Drinking this tea often can dispel heat and cough, rinse in with boiling water. Green tea taboos, soothing, and intestinal laxatives, there were once saying “summer drinking green, red drinking red in winter, drinking oolong in one year from one year”. So what tea is good for girls in summer? Green tea is not fermented tea. Patients with gastric ulcer disease cannot drink green tea. The following kinds of tea is also suitable for girls to drink in summer: Chenpi tea, and then de -slag leaves to stimulate gastrointestinal stomach. Sunflower: Mingmu. After a little cold

◆ Spring drinking flower tea in most areas in my country is a monsoon climate, spring warm, summer heat, autumn cool, winter cold, and the four seasons are extremely clear. In the spring days, the spring breeze has recovered and yang is born, which brings vitality to all things, but at this time people generally feel sleepy and weak, manifested as spring difficulties. Drinking flower tea can alleviate the adverse effects brought by spring difficulties. The sweet tea is sweet and fragrant, which is conducive to the cold evils accumulated in the human body and promoting the yang in the body. Flower tea is a treasure in tea that combines the beauty of tea flavor and the fragrance of flowers. “Flower tea fragrance, which complements each other”. It is made of the adsorption characteristics of baked green hair tea and other tea tea -like tea. The principle of vomiting characteristics of flowers is made of tea and flowers. This is because the aroma of jasmine is clear, and the tea drinks is strong and refreshing. For soaking in high -grade tea, a transparent glass cover cup should be used, 3 grams of tea is taken, put in the cup, brewed with the initial boiling water to about 90 ° C, and then covered with a lid to prevent the aroma from being lost. After two or three minutes, you can taste it. You feel fragrant and squeezed. ◆ Summer drinking green tea is hot in summer, and the sun is like fire. People areAmong them, sweating is like rain, people’s physical strength consumes a lot, and it is not mentally weak. At this time, it is better to use green tea. Because green tea is not fermented tea, it is cold, “cold can clear heat”, the best can go to fire, refreshing thirst, eliminating sputum, and accelerating the oral and mild gastric ulcers. And it has high nutritional components, and has medicinal value such as lowering blood lipids and anti -vascular sclerosis. After the tea is brewed, the water is clear, the aroma is quiet, and the taste is fresh. The treasures in the green tea are Longjing in Lion Peak, Hangzhou, Zhejiang. The soup is green and the fragrance is pleasant. It is known as the “Chinese Green Tea Kuizhou”; Brew the green tea, soak it at 90 ° C, high -grade green tea and delicate famous tea. The sprouts and leaves are tender and the aroma is mostly a low -boiling spots. It can be brewed with water at 80 ° C. Cup lids to avoid hot sullen air and affect the freshness of the tea soup. ◆ Autumn drinking green tea and autumn, the sky is high, the golden wind is small, the flowers and trees are withered, the climate is dry, the population is dry, the lips are dry, and the Chinese medicine is called “autumn dryness”. At this time, it is advisable to drink green tea. Green tea, also known as oolong tea, is a semi -fermented tea, between green and black tea. The color is blue brown. After brewing, you can see the middle of the leaves in the middle of the leaves, and the edge of the leaves is red. It is known as the “green leaves”. The warmth is moderate. It has the role of moisturizing, moisturizing, reinforced, and clearing the heat in the body, allowing the body to adapt to the changes in the natural environment. Common oolong tea famous products are Fujian oolong, Guangdong oolong, and Taiwan oolong. It is famous for Wuyi Rock Tea in Wuyi, Fujian, northern Fujian. However, many oolong tea is divided into tea trees, including Tieguanyin, Qilan, Mezhan, narcissus, peach kernels, hair crabs and so on. Oolong tea is accustomed to drinking, paying attention to the taste of the taste. It takes 100 ℃ boiling water to brew the oolong tea. After soaking it, pour the tea in the teapot into the tea cup. ◆ Winter drinking black tea Winter, freezing cold, dormant, cold evil, human physiological functions, and yang are weaker. Chinese medicine believes: “Time cold winter, all things are closed, and human body physiological activities are in suppressing state. . The way of health is expensive to protect the cold. “Therefore, drinking tea in winter is based on black tea. Black tea is gentle and warm, and can raise human yang; black tea is rich in protein and sugar, raw heat belly, enhances the human body’s cold resistance, and can also help digestion and get rid of greasy. Black tea is fully fermented during processing to oxidize tea tannins, so it is also called full fermented tea. After oxidation of tea, the tea fresh leaves form red oxidation polymer products -camellin, camelline, and tea brownin. These pigments are dissolved in water, and brewed to form red tea soup. Traditional Gongfu black tea famous products include lakes, Yi Hong, Ninghong, Min Hong, Tahong, and Qi Hong, and Qi Hong in Qimen County, Anhui is famous. Breeding black tea should be brewed with just boiled water and a cup cover to avoid release of fragrance. The British generally have the habit of drinking “afternoon tea”. They often match Qi Hong and Indian black tea and drink milk and sugar. In some places in my country, there is also the habit of drinking black tea, milk, and sesame seeds, so that it can be warm and warm.Belly, you can add nutrition and strengthen your body.

Drinking flower tea in spring and drinking green tea in autumn, drinking tea in autumn, it is recommended to drink chrysanthemum tea in winter to drink black tea.

Some people who have studied tea with tea are very professional. The winter cold evil in the human body promotes the birth of yang, making people full of vitality like spring grass and trees;

It is advisable to drink green tea in summer, such as Biluo Spring and Longjing, because the green tea taste is slightly cold, it has heat and heat, and heat eliminate summer heat. , Detoxification, removing fire, reducing dryness, quenching thirst, rejuvenating, strong heart. Green tea, green leaf green soup, fresh and refreshing, sweet flavor and slightly bitter taste, rich in nutrients such as vitamins, amino acids, minerals, etc., drinking the skills of heat and heat, but also adding nutritional effects to enhance gastrointestinal function. Prevent diarrhea;

It is advisable to drink green tea in autumn, such as Tieguanyin, Wuyi Rock Tea, oolong tea is not cold or hot, which can eliminate the residual heat in the body and make people refreshing;

In winter and winter, the sky is cold, everything is dormant, the cold evil strikes people, the human body’s physiological function is decreased, the yang is weaker, the green tea taste is gentle, rich in protein, has a certain nourishing function, makes the human body strong, energetic, and also It can give birth to a hot abdomen to warm the stomach and enhance the human cold resistance.

In fact, of course, it is best to drink tea throughout the year, but what kind of tea is generally related to the long -term tea drinking habits, customs and geographical factors formed by people, which are mainly related to a person’s physical condition. In terms of tea drinking habits, it is difficult for people who are accustomed to Tieguanyin and oolong to change their habits to drink green tea and flower tea. What kind of tea to drink is the human body, that is, his own stomach to the tea, the person with cold stomach is that you can drink green tea and the raw Pu’er in the summer. You can only drink Tieguanyin, Oolong and Miraphid Pu’er. This has been tried repeatedly. Traditional Chinese medicine divides the characteristics of food into cold, hot, warm, and cold. It is also called four qi. Tea is also different of the varieties of different foods. Cold or cold is the opposite. It is suitable for thermal constitution, warmth, and neutral tea. The tea nature is between cold and warm foods. It is suitable for general constitution. People with cold and hot nature can choose. Essence

4. What are the tea suitable for women?
Bing Beauty with cold hands

Recommend warm drink / rose jasmine honey black tea
Suitable for physical fitness: cold hands and feet, no matter how warm you wear, it is because of yang deficiency, mostly Yang Qi cannot promote the cold hands and feet when the blood runs to the end of the limbs.
Materials: 5 dried roses, 3g jasmine, a packet of black tea, an appropriate amount of honey.
brewing method: pour roses, jasmine, black tea together into boiling water,Cover for 5 minutes. Turn into honey when the tea is hot.
Health cheats: Rose has the effects of promoting blood circulation, strengthening the liver, nourishing the stomach, nourishing qi and blood, and relieving depression and soothe the god of God; Honey can moisturize the intestines. Black tea can warm the stomach. This tea can regulate qi and blood, relieve tension, make you look rosy, and make your aunt feel painful.
Sister Min, who is easy to catch a cold
Recommend warm drink / astragalus Codonopsis tea
Suitable for physical fitness: TCM spoke human body surface with a layer of health, and people with deficiency of guardian qi are weak and easy to catch cold. There is also a kind of fire in the body that is easy to worry, and when you encounter a cold climate, it is easy to catch a cold.
Materials: 5G each Codonopsis and Astragalus. If possible, you can add Cordyceps sinensis. It has the effect of nourishing the lungs and kidneys to enhance the immunity of the human body.
brewing method: brew it directly with boiling water. It can be repeatedly brewed a day, and finally it can be taken out.
Health Cheats: Astragalus is beneficial to qi and solid surface, and sweat and solidarity. Codonopsis is sweet and flat. It has the effects of nourishing qi, nourishing blood, nourishing blood, and nourishing the spleen and sedation.
The fiber of the stomach cold constitution
Recommend warm drink / good ginger barley tea
Suitable for physical fitness: cold stomach, cold or blowing cool wind, it is easy to make the belly, mostly because of irregular diet, usually always always always Caused by spicy or cold food.
Materials: 10g of good ginger and barley tea.
brewing method: Cut the good ginger into slices or silk with barley tea into the cup and pour in boiling water, and soak the lid for 5 minutes.
Health cheats: good ginger warmth, taste Xin, dispersing cold and pain, relieving vomiting, and suitable for stomach colds such as cold pain and vomiting. Barley can regulate the stomach and help digestion. This tea has the effect of warming the stomach and nourishing the stomach. It has a good harmonious effect on girls with cold constitutions. Drink a drink in the morning and feel warm for a day. In the morning, it is a good time to nourish the stomach. Do not drink cold drinks.
Sister Lin, who has a total cough
Recommended warm drink / Ophiopogon lily licorice tea
Suitable for physical constitution: the upper respiratory tract is easily stimulated, and there are people with pharyngitis, rhinitis, allergies and other medical history.
Materials: Ophiopogon, lily, fresh orange peel 10g each.
brewing method: Ophiopogon and lily first use the blisters, and then add orange peel.
Health cheats: Ophiopogon can nourish the yin, moisturize the skin, nourish the yin of the lungs and stomach, and the cough of the external sense of cold also has a certain effect. Lily has the effect of clearing the lungs and nourishing yin, moisturizing and soothe. Fresh orange peel has the effects of proclaiming lungs, throat, and cough. It is especially suitable for people with dry cough, dry mouth, and sore throat symptoms.
The cold eyebrows often dysmenorrhea
Recommend warm drink / rose 归 tea
Suitable for physical constitution: dysmenorrhea is because it is painful, but because it was caused by cold evils before , Promoting blood circulation and removing stasis. Usually people with congestion in the body are easy to dryDry, this drink can also relieve skin dryness and make the complexion better.
Materials: 10g each of Rose, Angelica.
brewing method: Boil water first as an angelica, and then add roses.

Tea contains a large amount of food fiber, and food fiber cannot be digested. When it stays in the abdomen for a long time, it will feel full. What’s more important is that it can also burn fat. The key to this effect is vitamin B1. The rich vitamin B1 in tea is a necessary substance that can fully burn fat and convert it into a thermal energy. 1. Black tea: It can inhibit the accumulation of small abdominal fat. Speaking of obesity, people will immediately think of abdominal fat, and black tea has a significant effect on the increase in abdominal fat. Black tea is made of black bacteria, as the name suggests, it is black. During the fermentation process, a Pinol component is produced, which plays a role in preventing fat accumulation. If you want to use black tea to lose weight, it is best to drink the thick tea that is just brewed. In addition, it should be kept drinking 1.5 liters a day, drinking one glass before meals, and persistence for a long time. Black tea has a long history of production in my country, mainly produced in Hunan, Hubei, Sichuan, Yunnan, Guangxi and other places. Black tea can be brewed directly or pressed into tight tea (such as various brick tea). Their soup color is nearly red, and the bottom of the leaves is bright. 2. Gim Nama Tea: Effectively suppress sugar absorption. In Indian medicine, this kind of Gim Nama tea appears frequently. The nickname of Gim Nama is also called “sugar killing”. After chewing its leaves, they will eat sugar. There will be no sweet feeling in the mouth. The intake naturally reduces the amount of sugar and carbohydrates. The amount of fat is relatively reduced. Gim Nama Tea is not only effective in preventing and improving obesity, but also has auxiliary treatment for diabetes. 3, lotus leaf tea: ancient weight loss secret medicine. A drink made of lotus flowers, leaves, and fruits not only makes people feel light, but also improves the complexion and weight loss. To make full use of lotus leaf tea to lose weight, you need some tips. The first must be strong tea, the effect of the second bubble is not good. The second is to drink 6 times a day. Those who have signs of constipation can drink 4 packs a day and drink 4 times to make the stool unblocking and it is more beneficial to lose weight. The third is best to drink on an empty stomach. The advantage is that you do n’t have to die. After the lotus leaf tea is used for a period of time, the hobbies of food will change naturally, and they do n’t like to eat greasy foods. 4. Eucommia tea: can reduce neutral fat. Because the ingredients contained in Eucommia can promote metabolism and calories and reduce weight. In addition, it also has the effect of preventing aging and strengthening the body. 5, oolong tea: combustion body fat. Oolong tea is semi -fermented tea. It does not contain vitamin C, but it is rich in minerals such as iron and calcium. Drinking a cup of oolong tea before and after meals can promote the decomposition of fat, so that it can directly discharge the body without being absorbed by the body, and prevent obesity caused by excessive fat intake.