What are the characteristics of early spring green tea in Yunnan?Brief description of the nutritional value of spring tea

Because spring tea is rich in nutrients, the leaf meat is hypertrophic, the aromatic and vitamin content is high, the taste is fresh, and the aroma is stronger. It is much better than the tea in other times. Buy spring tea, so the following editors will introduce the characteristics of early spring green tea in Yunnan! The characteristics of the early spring green tea in Yunnan? After a long winter, the tea trees in spring are fully accumulated in the nutrients in the tea tree. In addition, the spring temperature is moderate, the rainfall is sufficient, and the growth rate of the tea trees is slow, which is conducive to the synthesis of nitrogen -containing compound synthesis. With accumulation, the tea is rich in tea. The content of aromatic substances, vitamins, free amino acids, protein and other nutrient content is high. The number of tea trees has a large number of germinations, buds, buds, good tenderness, thick leaf meat, and soft leaves. ? Due to the moderate temperature in spring, the amount of rainfall, and the tea trees have a long period of recuperation in the first autumn and winter, and the body is rich in nutrients. Some effective ingredients related to quality, especially the content of amino acids and multiple vitamins, are also rich, making the taste of spring tea more refreshing, stronger aroma, and more obvious health effects. ? During the spring tea period, there is generally no disease -free harm. There is no need to use pesticides and tea leaves without pollution. Therefore, spring tea, especially early spring tea, is often the best quality of green tea in the year. Therefore, many high -level green tea, such as West Lake Longjing, Quancheng Red, Quancheng Green, Congting Biluochun, Huangshan Maofeng, Lushan Cloud Fog, etc., all adopt the early stage of spring tea. The nutritional value of spring tea? 1. The most abundant vitamin content? Tea can become one of the three major drinks in the world because it contains the rich maintenance of VA, VB, VC, VE, VK, which are indispensable. However, the high temperature of the vitamin will be destroyed, especially the VC, and the temperature will decompose slightly. And spring tea can effectively protect these vitamins due to its high temperature, long growth period, and low growth environment. This ensures the highest vitamin content in spring tea and the best protection. 2. The highest protein content? The protein has a good effect on the taste of tea soup. The most protein -containing place in the tea tree is the tender part of the tea tree. As the new shoots of the tea tree grow, the protein content decreases. Spring tea is the tea made of new tea trees. The protein has the highest content, the best taste, and the highest nutritional value. 3. The needs of the human body “spring life and summer long”? The ancients emphasized that health must conform to the four seasons, namely Chunsheng, Xia Chang, autumn harvest, and winter collection. What is Chunsheng? Spring is the period when the human body is the most vitality in the middle and four seasons. The metabolism has begun to become prosperous. In addition to “saving sourness and sweetness, and nourishing temper”, spring tea comes from nature. , Adopt true qi, and the unique color, fragrance, and taste of spring tea can give people a pleasing feeling of stretching. Therefore, the ancients had long concluded that in spring, health is guaranteed for one year. In this guarantee, spring tea contributes. How to distinguish Spring Tea? 1. Observation? Observation of dry tea, Especially the famous green tea in China, or flat, or curled, or tightly beads, or loose orchids, it really has the value of ornamental. ? 2. Selated color? The six major tea in China, the color is different, some green, some white, some black brown, some brown red; the second is to watch the color of the tea soup, different tea soups in China Different, red, green, yellow, and orange have their own characteristics. 3. Appreciation? Watching tea, especially in the brewing process of famous green tea, the ups and downs of tea sprouts and leaves, some are sprung up, some are blooming in Chunlan, some are like floating lotus, and some are dancing up and down. 4. Smelling incense? Various tea fragrance gives people a good sense of smell. A variety of tea in China has a variety of aromas. There are fragrance, floral fragrance, fruity, sugar, honey fragrance, etc., rich in charm. 5. Taste the taste? The various tastes of tea give people a sense of taste. Different types of tea in different regions of China have a variety of tastes, some fresh, mellow, mellow, some rich, some are rich Stimulating, colorful. The above is the introduction of the characteristics of Yunnan spring tea. In general, spring tea and green tea are the highest quality tea in all green tea. Not only are they limited to taste, the most important thing is that the effect of spring tea and green tea is also very much!