The water temperature and time of making green tea, brewing green tea skills

As we all know, the tenderness and greenness of the tea, and the temperature of the brewing water should be low. In this way, the brewed tea soup must be tender and bright, the taste is fresh, and the tea vitamin C is also less damaged. At high temperature, the tea soup is easy to turn yellow, the taste is bitter, and the vitamin C is damaged in large quantities, so it is important to master the water temperature and time of making green tea! details as follows! The water temperature of green tea? Mastering the temperature of tea and water, it depends on what tea brewed. Advanced green tea, especially the delicate tea (green tea famous tea) of various sprouts and leaves, cannot be brewed with boiling water at 100 ° C. It is generally about 80 ° C. • Generally speaking, the temperature of tea and water is positively correlated with the solubility of effective substances in the tea. The higher the water temperature, the larger the solubility, and the stronger the tea soup; the other time, the lower the water temperature Generally, the amount of warm water at 60 ° C is equivalent to 45-65%of the amount of boiling water from 100 ° C. Scientific researchers have done a special research on the stability of vitamin C in tea soup. They found that vitamin C, which is accommodated in the water, was destroyed by 83%at 10 minutes at 100 ° C. However, brewing tea with boiling water will not destroy vitamin C in large quantities. This is because vitamin C in tea soup is more difficult to break down. The root cause of the more stable is that the tea soup contains more polyphenols. The interaction of iron ions and copper ions inhibit the decomposition of vitamin C. The time for making green tea? Green tea is unfeenic tea. Most of the nutrients of fresh leaves remain in the tea leaves. When brewing, the temperature of the water should not be too high, and the brewing time should not be too long, otherwise it will damage the tea leaves, otherwise it will damage the tea leaves. The active substance in it, so the first tea soup is usually produced in 12 seconds! ? 1. Rolling type? Biluochun is a typical curly tea. Because dry tea is tightly wrapped together, the first bubble needs to be soaked in more time than other green tea to stretch the tea. The first bubble is best for 15 seconds; second Soak for 20 seconds; 30 seconds in the third, the temperature of the water can also increase by 5 ° C to 95 ° C; the fourth bubble is 40 seconds, and the temperature of the water can be 100 ° C. 2. Half -curly type? There are many green tea with half -rolled rolled. The best bubble is best for 10 seconds; the second bubble is 20 seconds; the third bubble 30 seconds, the temperature of the water can also increase by 5 ° C to 95 ° C; The fourth bubble is 40 seconds, and the temperature of the water can be 100 ° C. 3. Non -curly type? Longjing and Mao Feng are representatives of non -curly green tea. The brewing method is the same as the semi -curly type. The brewing technique of green tea? 1. Tea set to drink green tea, usually brew with good transparent glass (pot), porcelain cups or tea bowls. The porcelain in the cup and bowl is white, which is easy to set off the green tea soup and tea. ? 2. Water quality? The water quality of green tea is better. Usually use clean high -quality mineral water, and can also be used with purified tap water. The acidity of the water is neutral or slightly acidic. Do not use pheasant water to avoid the deep darkness of the tea soup. 3. The ratio of tea and water? Usually the ratio of tea to water is 1: 50 ~ 1: 60 (ie 1 gram of tea leaves 50 ml of water ~ 60 ml). Essence ? 4. What is brewing?It is required to hold the kettle to the tea cup to water the water, and use the “Phoenix Three Nods” gestures to make the injected hot water impulsive tea.In addition, a small amount of hot water is often injected into the brewing to soak the tea leaves, and then the water can be injected until 1 cm to 2 cm along the edge of the departure cup.In general, green tea is a kind of tea that has not been fermented, and it can destroy vitamin C at high temperatures, so it is very important to master the time of brewing green tea and its related knowledge!