The method of identifying the Liu’an Gua film, this method can improve the correct rate of judgment!

The requirements of the best, boutique, and throughout the product are normal quality, no stalks, no buds, no inferior changes, and non -tea debris. The unique manufacturing process has formed a unique style of Liu’an Gourd. The single piece of the shape is straight and uniform. The internal soup is clear, the aroma is high, the taste is fresh and sweet, and the bottom of the leaf is yellow and green. Identify the quality of Liu’an Gua tablets. We can start with the five aspects of the color, aroma, taste, appearance, and soup color of tea. Only by practicing a lot can we improve the correct rate of judgment. The method of identification of Liu’an Melon Film? 1. Color? Good Liu’an Gua tablets must be iron cyan, which is dark green. It is very tender and the color is consistent. This can be seen that it is baked very well. ? 2. Fragrance? If Liu’an Gua tablets have the fragrance of chestnut, it is good tea. But if it is a green smell, it means that the heat is still not enough. 3. Chewing? If you chew this Liu’an melon, start bitterness and then sweet, then it is good tea, and it has a very refreshing taste after rinsing. 4. Shape? The products of Liu’an Gua tablets should be the shape of similar length and similar thickness. In this way, the process of making is in place. But if the tea is uneven, it can basically be judged that it will not be a good Liu’an melon. 5. Tea soup? Near the tea cup mouth, you can smell the flavor of the leisurely tea leaves. The stronger the aroma, the better, the second is to observe the color. The soup color of the good Liu’an melon should be refreshing Surgery. When you taste tea, if you are a good tea, you will feel a faint bitterness, but you also have a hint of coolness. Recommended by Liu’an Gua Movie Brand? Liu’an Gourd Film 1, Huixiu? Huixiu is a brand owned by Liu’an Guagua Tea Industry Co., Ltd. in Anhui Province. Hui Liuxian Liu’an Melon was identified as the designated tea for the Huishang Conference. ? Liu’an Gua Movie Brand 2. Yixiaotang? Anhui Yixitang Tea Co., Ltd., founded in 2005, integrates research and development, production, logistics, sales and brand building and promotion. Gift tea designated by the United Nations Pavilion of Shanghai World Expo. Liu’an Gua Movie Brand 3. Huang Zhijiang? Huang Zhijiang is a brand of Huangfu Tea Industry Co., Ltd., Anhui. The company integrates tea gardens planting, processing, production, sales and brand promotion, which belongs to the leading enterprise of agricultural industrialization in Anhui Province. Liu’an Gua Movie Brand 4. Xie Yu Da? Huangshan Xieyu Da Tea Co., Ltd. is a leading enterprise in agricultural industrialization in Anhui Province. The company integrates production, processing, sales, and scientific research. ‘Top 100 Chinese Tea Industry’ and other titles. ? Liu’an Gua Film 5. Welcome pine? Welcome to the Mansong Liu’an Gua Magazine is a brand of Anhui Tea Inlet Co., Ltd., which was founded in 1952. “Welcome Pine Six Anna Mosa” was rated as the top ten rest assured tea in the countryBest -selling brand, famous trademark in Anhui Province.The above -mentioned Liuan Gua tablets are very good, and you need to choose your own.Through the introduction of this article, I hope to help you better choose the Liu’an melon you want.