The difference between Enshi Yulu and Yulu is a kind of tea!

It is rumored that during the Kangxi reign of the Qing Dynasty, there was a tea merchant named blue in Enshi Banana Huanglianxi. He made his own tea stove and roasted tea in person. In 1936, Yang Runzhi, the tea official of Hubei Minsheng Company, was based on Enshi Jade Green. Runcui green, white like jade, extra extent, so it was renamed Enshi Yulu. Is this Enshi Yulu different from Yulu we are now? Enshi Yulu and Yulu belong to the same tea? Enshi Yulu belongs to green tea. It is produced in the banana Gaogai Bridge and Wuding Mountain in the eastern suburbs in the south of Enshi City, Hubei. It was once called ‘jade green’. The green and green, white like jade, so it was renamed ‘Yulu’. Therefore, Enshi Yulu and Yulu belong to the same tea, which is no different. Enshi Yulu purchase points? Enshi Yulu is divided by old: can be divided into fresh green tea and old green tea. Seasonal divided: It can be divided into spring tea, summer tea and autumn tea. Divided by geographical: Takayama selenium -rich green tea peaceful selenium -rich green tea. ? Look at the tea type? The appearance of fresh green tea is bright green and bright, and it smells strong and fresh tea. Blowing hot air, wet places are yellow and dry, smelling cold. • Spring Tea buds, sturdy and flat, color dark green, moisturizing, tight, clean and capable; summer tea has a rough shape, large colors, large leaves There are many silk tendons, light and light, colorful green, no spring tea, no big leaves as summer tea. ? High -grade selenium -rich green tea is thick and heavy, green and rich in color; flat -rich selenium -rich green tea shapes are thin, exposed, thin, yellow and green. Depending on the tea color? The tea soup made from fresh green tea is light green; ? The tea soup made from spring tea is green and green, and the aroma is strong; the tea soup made from summer tea is astringent, and the color is thick and green; ? The tea soup made of high mountain green tea is green and bright; ? Smelling tea fragrance? Fresh green tea has fragrance, orchid fragrance, cooked chestnut fragrance, etc.; old green tea tea fragrance is not as strong as fresh green tea. If it is not well preserved, there will be a variety of miscellaneous odors, because tea leaves are easy to tide to tide. Essence The fragrance of spring tea is strong, and the fresh tea fragrance is the consistent feeling of green tea. Enshi Yulu’s spring tea is no exception; the fragrance of summer tea is slightly old and stronger; autumn tea is like a candle with a wax torch into a gray tears. It is not as rich as spring tea, but it is also the last essence. ? High mountain green tea flavor is lasting; flat green tea aroma is slightly dull. Tea flavor? Fresh green tea, sweet and refreshing taste; old green tea, although mellow but unpleasant. • Spring tea flavor, fresh and refreshing; summer tea tea soup is green, and the taste is changeable, but in general, it is still older than spring tea.The mellowness is less fresh; the taste of autumn tea is slightly flatter than the previous seasons. I personally think that the tea tree’s last wave of sprint tea is the most beautiful, the soup taste is slightly sweet and the aroma is light.• Gaoshan tea tea has more long -lasting, and has more selenium content and strong taste; flat -ground selenium -rich tea tastes mellow.The bottom of the leaf? Fresh green tea bottom is bright and bright; the old green tea leaf bottom Chen Huang is not bright.? Spring tea bottom is soft and bright, with fresh background color; summer tea is hard, leaf veins are revealed, and copper green leaves are mixed with copper green leaves.piece.The bottom of the alpine selenium -rich tea is bright and the leaves are soft;