Old bamboo generous cultivation technology introduction

Cultivation technology

The main planting variety of old bamboo is persimmon tea.In the middle of the size, the tree posture is half Zhang, the branches are relatively thin, the interview is relatively short, the leaves are slightly upward, the leaves are thick, the leaves are oval -shaped like persimmon leaves, the leaf color is dark green, the leaf veins are u0026 ldquo; the red silk line u0026 rdquo; Features, the leaf surface is bulging, the leaf teeth are sharp, the leaves are soft, the buds and leaves are pale green, the hair is dense, one buds, three leaves and 100 buds weigh 49.3 grams, the diameter of the corolla is 3.3 cm, the child’s room is fluffyThe granular weight is 91.0 grams.

From the perspective of the growth and development of the variety, the fertility capacity of buds and leaves is strong, with good hip -itbidability, and the germination potential is relatively uniform.Produced about 100 kilograms.Spring tea one sprouts and two leaves contain about 23.2%of tea polyphenols, the total amount of catechins is 13.6%, and the coffee coffee content is 4.0%. It is a typical fresh green tea suitable variety.