Is the green tea spring tea good or autumn tea?

Some people ask: Is it good or autumn tea for green tea spring tea? Spring tea is good, not just green tea, other tea is still better than autumn tea. Spring tea? 1. Introduction? Take green tea as an example. Due to the moderate temperature in the spring, the amount of rainfall, and the tea tree through the long -term recuperation of the first autumn and winter, the body is rich in nutrients. The leaves are soft, white are revealed, and some effective ingredients related to the quality of tea, especially the content of amino acids and multiple vitamins, are also rich in the content of spring tea, stronger aroma, and more obvious health effects. In addition, there is generally no disease -free harm during spring tea. There is no need to use pesticides and tea leaves without pollution. Therefore, spring tea, especially early spring tea, is often the best quality of green tea in the year. Therefore, many high -level green tea, such as Xinyang Maojian, West Lake Longjing, Dongting Biluochun, Huangshan Maofeng, Lushan Cloud Mist, etc., all adopt the early stage of spring tea. ? 2. Why is spring tea so good? Generally speaking, the quality of spring tea is relatively good. There are three reasons:? First, the tea trees have been recuperated in winter, nutritional accumulation, and sufficient nutrients. The second is that the temperature is relatively low, which is conducive to the accumulation of nitrogen -containing compounds. The nutritional content of free amino acids and proteins is high, and the aroma and taste of tea will be better. Low temperatures in some areas may improve the quality of spring tea;? Third, the temperature in the spring tea season is low, and the pests are relatively small. Generally, there is no need to spray pesticides. Therefore, there is no pesticide pollution in spring tea. Therefore, from the aspects of tea quality and pesticide residue, spring tea is ideal! Autumn tea? 1. Introduction? The autumn climate is between spring and summer. In the late autumn tea, although the climate is mild, the rainfall is often insufficient, which will make the collected tea leaves look older. ? Especially after the harvest of spring tea and summer tea, the nutrition in the body is missing. Therefore, the tea made of tea contains material poverty. In this case, not only the tea leaves are weak, but the aroma is not high. , Leaf color is yellow. ? The so -called “delicious, autumn white dew”, in fact, it is said that tea is “taste and light”. 2. Quality characteristics? The soup color and taste of autumn tea are between spring tea and summer tea. The aroma is peaceful, and the bottom of the leaf is soft. The leaves are light and thin, and there are more leafs, and the leaf edge is obvious. How to identify spring tea and autumn tea? (1) Dry: Mainly judge the color, fragrance, and shape of dry tea. Every green tea is green, black tea is dark, tea is fat and heavy, or there are more white, and black tea and green tea strips are tight. The grains of beads are round, and the aroma is rich. It is the quality characteristics of spring tea. • The green tea is yellow and green, the black tea color is dark red, the tea leaves are different, the leaves are thin and thin, and the aroma is relatively peaceful. It is the logo of autumn tea. (2) Wet viewing: It is to make a soup review of tea as further judgment. Every tea leaf is brewed and sinks quickly, the aroma is strong and lasting, and the taste is mellow; the green tea soup is yellow in green, and the black tea soup colorYan cash circle; the bottom of the tea leaves is soft and thick, and there are many normal sprouts, which are spring tea.• The aroma of the tea leaves is not high after brewing, and the taste is bland. The bottom of the leaf is copper -green sprout leaves. The size of the leaves is different.In summary, spring tea in green tea is best, and autumn tea is not as good as spring tea, but when drinking green tea in spring, be careful not to drink new tea, because new tea hurts the stomach.