Is Longjing fried green tea?How to distinguish the quality of green tea?

Fried green refers to the method of using micro -fire in the pot to wither the withering of the tea in the pot in the process of making tea. The fried green is a big leap in the history of tea to make the tea. Green tea? details as follows! Longjing is fried green tea? West Lake Longjing is one of the top ten famous tea in China. It is produced in the mountains around Longjing Village, Xihu City, Zhejiang Province. It has a history of more than 1,200 years. It is named after the Longjing Tea Area, which is produced in the West Lake in Hangzhou, China. Longjing is both a place name and a spring name and tea name. West Lake Longjing is produced in the mountains of Shifeng, Wengjiashan, Tiger Run, Meijiawu, Yunqi, and Lingyin in the West Lake in Hangzhou, Zhejiang. The climate here is mild, the rainfall is abundant, and the light is shot. The soil is slightly acidic, the soil layer is deep, and the drainability is good. The forest is lush, and the streams flow often. The average annual temperature is 16 ° C, and the annual precipitation is about 1500 mm. The superior natural conditions are conducive to the growth and development of tea trees. The method of identification of Longjing tea? 1. Display the shape? Look at the shape of the tea to identify the severity of the tea body bones and the inferiority of the working workers, including tenderness, fragmentation, color, clarity, etc. Generally, West Lake Longjing tea is flat, smooth, beautiful, uniform, and yellowish and fresh. Conversely, the shape is loose and rough, the bones are light, the veins are revealed, and the color is yellow, indicating that the quality is low. 2. Wen Xiangyu? West Lake Longjing tea has a strong aroma, and the aroma of West Lake Longjing Tea vividly describes “(fried) incense”, which is “orchid bean” fragrance. ? 3. The taste is mellow, the taste is fresh, the mouth is fragrant, the taste is smooth, and the mouth has a unique texture in the mouth. ? 4. Watch the soup? The soup color is yellow and green. 5. The bottom of the leaves is mainly measured by the proportion of buds and young leaves and the old tenderness of the leaf quality. West Lake Longjing Tea is required to be tender and neat, tender and bright. The types of fried green tea? 1. Long -fried green? Long -fried green -shaped green shape is also known as eyebrow tea. The quality of long -fried green green is tight, green, high -lasting, rich in taste, soup, leaves, leaves, leaves, leaves, leaves The bottom is yellow. It mainly includes Zhenmei, Gongxi, Yu Tea, Needle, and eyebrows. ? 2. Round -fried green? The shape of the rounded green shape is like particles, also known as bead tea. The shape is tight as beads, the flavor is high, and the foam is resistant. Due to the different origin and the method of harvesting, it is divided into flat -fried green, Quangang Huibai and Yongxi Huoqing. 3. Frying green? It is produced in Zhejiang Yixian County, Xinchang, Shangyu and other counties. Because of the historically concentrated Shaoxing Pingshui Town refined and distributed, the shape of the finished tea is tightly rounded like pearls, so it is called “flat water pearl tea” or flat green. 4. Flat -fried green? The finished product is flat and smooth, fragrant and mellow. Because of the different origin and method, it is mainly divided into three types: Longjing, flag gun, and generous. 5. Other categories? The delicate fried green refers to the green green tea processed by the delicate buds and leaves. The main category of special green tea is mostly historical tea. All fried green tea made of fine sprouts and leaves is a delicate fried green. Because of the small output, the quality is unique, and the material is rare and expensive. It is also known as special speculation. In summary, Longjing belongs to green teaIt is a green green tea in green tea. It is a tea that integrates taste and efficacy, but as a consumer, it is also important to choose authentic Longjing tea!