Is green tea good or autumn tea?

Is green tea good or autumn tea? In terms of green tea, spring tea is good, and autumn tea is much worse. Because spring tea is rich in nutrients, the leaf meat is thick, aromatic and vitamin content is high, the taste is refreshing, the aroma is strong, the shape of the shape is tight, and the shape is tight. Reality. Usually green tea is green, black tea is black, and the quality is better. The temperature in spring is moderate and the rainfall is sufficient. Coupled with the cure of the tea tree after half a year, the spring tea buds are fat, green, soft, and rich in vitamins, especially amino acids. Not only does spring tea taste fresh and fragrant and pleasant. Is green tea good or autumn tea? 1. Spring? Due to the moderate temperature in spring and abundant rainfall, and the tea tree through the long period of time in the first autumn and winter, the body is rich in nutrients in the body. Cui, soft leaf quality, white charm, and some effective ingredients related to the improvement of tea quality; • Especially the content of amino acids and multiple vitamins is also rich, making the taste of spring tea more refreshing, stronger aroma, more health care effects It is obvious. In addition, there is generally no disease -free harm during spring tea. There is no need to use pesticides and tea leaves without pollution. Therefore, spring tea, especially early spring tea, is often the best quality of green tea in the year. Therefore, many senior green tea, such as Xinyang Maojian, West Lake Longjing, Dongting Biluochun, Huangshan Maofeng, Lushan Cloud Mist, etc., all adopt the early stage of spring tea. 2. Summer? In summer, due to the hot season in the hot season, although the new shoots of the tea trees grow rapidly, there is a saying that “tea is rough overnight”, but it is easy to aging. The content of amino acids and vitamins in tea is significantly reduced. The content of green tea, coffee, and tea polyphenols in summer tea increases significantly, which makes the taste look bitter. ? In the summer, the temperature is relatively high, the light is strong, and the tea trees grow fast, which is conducive to the carbon metabolism. ? Differential tea polyphenols with bitterness. Therefore, summer tea is suitable for fermentation tea. It has sufficient tea polyphenols to be converted into tea lutein, catechin and tea brownin. But green tea is bitter, the aroma is not high, and the color of the dark leaves is thin and hard. The shape of summer tea is generally light and wide, thin and long, tender and thin, there are many leafs, the veins are thicker, and the leaf margin is obvious. 3. Autumn? The autumn climate is between spring and summer. In the late autumn tea, although the climate is mild, the rainfall is often insufficient, which will make the collected tea leaves look older. ? Especially after the harvest of spring tea and summer tea, the nutrition in the body is missing. Therefore, the tea made of tea contains material poverty. In this case, not only the tea leaves are weak, but the aroma is not high. , Leaf color is yellow. The so -called “be delicious, autumn white dew”, in fact, it is said that tea is “taste and light”. 4. In winter? In winter, the main growth parts of the tea tree are at the root. The synthesis of amino acids is transported to the top after the root of the tea tree is synthesized. After the tea tree has hibernated, many nutrients are stored inside. ? In winter and spring sun, the growing growth of tea trees is also the main factor formed by some aroma substances in tea. What’s more?Therefore, spring tea has the advantages of color oily, aroma, strong taste, and soft and thick leaves.There are also general spring tea, which are more fat and heavy, with more hair, the leaves are dense, and the leaf margin is not obvious.? For black tea, due to the low temperature, high humidity, and difficulty of fermentation during the spring tea period, the temperature during summer tea is high, the humidity is small, and the fermentation of black tea becomes red, especially due to the hot weather, the tea polyphenols in the tea leaves in the tea leaveThe content of coffee ravioli has increased significantly, so dry tea and tea soup are rosy and the taste is stronger.Only due to the decrease in the amino acid content in summer tea, it has a certain impact on the fresh taste of black tea.Therefore, green tea said that spring tea is good, and autumn tea has a lot of tea.Therefore, many people who like green tea in spring can’t help themselves and swim in the world of green tea.However, it should be noted that spring tea arrives, it is better to put it for half a month to a month.What’s more?