Is green tea fried?Stir -fried green tea -fried green tea

The so -called fried green tea is to use the method of using micro -fire to make green tea withered in the pot in the process of making tea. Through artificial twisting to quickly evaporate the water of the tea, block the process of tea fermentation, and make the tea juice. The process that the essence is completely retained is as follows! The production process of fried green tea? 1. Picking of fresh leaves? Green tea starts after the Qingming Festival every year, and the time ends at about 40 days. Generally, the tea that is collected before the end of May is called “spring tea”. The tea made before Gu Yu is called “before the rain”. When picking up tea, too old leaves cannot be required, and too small leaves cannot be collected. Generally, one buds and one leaves are relatively top -grade tea. One buds and two leaves are generally picking standards. 2. Killing green? Killing green is the most vital step in the green tea process, playing a decisive role in the quality of green tea. Killing green is to destroy the enzyme activity in the tea through high temperature, and stop the possibility of continuing oxidation of tea. It is seen that the leaves do not turn red. At the same time, evaporate the internal water of the leaves to soften the leaves and prepare for twisting. 3. Dipping? Dripping is a process of shaping the shape of green tea. Through the effect of external forces, the leaves are rubbed and rolled into strips, which are reduced by volume and easy to brew. At the same time, tea juice is attached to the surface of the leaf, which also plays an important role in improving the taste concentration of tea. 4. Drying? Drying is the role of tea plastic surgery, fixed tea quality, and developing tea aroma. Classification of green tea? 1. Green green tea? Green green tea is dried with sunlight. It is mainly distributed in Hunan, Hubei, Guangdong, Guangxi, Sichuan, Yunnan, Guizhou and other provinces. The quality of the green tea is the best quality of the large leaf species in Yunnan, which is called “Dianqing”; the quality of others such as Chuanqing, Guizhou Qing, Guiqing, and Hubei have their own quality, but it is not as good as Yunnan Qing? Steaming to kill green is the ancient method of killing youths in my country. It was passed on to Japan during the Tang Dynasty, and it was to the present; while my country has changed to stir -fry and killing from the Ming Dynasty. Steamed green is the quality characteristics of the “three green” of the “three green” of the “three green” of the steam enzyme activity in the fresh leaves, forming a deep green color, tea soup, and green green bottom green. The real green tea processing starts with steamed green tea invented by the 8th century AD. 3. Green green tea? Fried green tea is named after drying. According to the shape, it can be divided into three categories: long -fried green, rounded green and flat fried green. The long -fried blue shape is like eyebrows, also known as eyebrow tea. Round -fried green shapes are like granules, also known as bell tea. Flat -fried green is also called flat tea. The quality of the long -fried green is tight, green, high -lasting, long -lasting, strong chestnut, mellow taste, and yellow leaves. Round -fried green has quality characteristics such as tight shapes, high flavor, and bubble resistance. Flat -fried green products are flat and smooth, fragrant, like West Lake Longjing. 4. Baked green tea? Baked green tea is dried with a cage. After the re -processing of green hair, most of them are used as the tea of u200bu200bsmoked tea. The aroma is generally not as high as fried, and a few baked green tea quality is excellent. Baked green tea can also be divided into strip -shaped tea, sharp tea, sliced u200bu200btea, and chip -shaped tea in its shape. The bakery is baked, all of which are mainly produced in tea producing areas; Dip -shaped and sliced tea are mainly produced in Anhui, Zhejiang and other provinces.? Among them, special baked greens, mainly Ma Bianyunwa tea, Huangshan Maofeng, Taiping Monkey Kui, Tingxi Lanxiang, Liu’an Gua Milk, Jingting Green Snow, Tianshan Green Tea, Gu Yi’s Purple Bamboo Shoots, Jiangshan Green Peony, Emei Mao Peak, Jinshui, JinshuiCuifeng, Bizhou Bifeng, Nan Nuo Baiji, etc.In summary, not all green tea are fried, and there are many other ways. Of course, fried green tea is a special existence in Chinese green tea. There are many types, and they are all famous green tea!