Is Biluochun tea the same as Mao Feng green tea?

As we all know, Biluochun Tea and Mao Feng Green Tea are famous tea in green tea. They are very high -quality tea. Not only are the taste particularly good, the most important thing is that the effect is also very effective. Intersection Let’s take a look at their respective effects! The efficacy of Biluochun tea? 1. Anti -dental caries? Tea contains fluoride, fluorine ions and teeth have a great affinity, which can become a “fluoroshto” that is more difficult to dissolve in acid, as if adding teeth to add tooth plus adding tooth A protective layer improves the ability to prevent dental acid resistance. 2. Antibacterial and anticancer? Studies found that some ingredients in tea can solidify protein, so that the bacteria ** can achieve a bactericidal effect; at the same time, the study also found that people who have tea drinking habits daily will compare the probability of cancer with cancer. Low. 3. Decreased and lipid -lowering? Now, with more and more scientific research, the ingredients contained in tea can regulate the metabolism of fat in the human body, speed up the decomposition of fat cholesterol, reduce the absorption of the human body, and achieve the lowering of it. Lipid weight loss effect. At the same time, the tea polyphenols and vitamin ingredients in tea can help regulate the human heart and cerebral blood vessel balance, expand blood vessels, prevent arteriosclerosis, and prevent hypertension and other diseases. 4. Inhibitory arteriosclerosis? Tea polyphenols and vitamin C in tea have the effects of promoting blood circulation and removing blood stasis to avoid arteriosclerosis. Therefore, the incidence of hypertension and coronary heart disease in people who often drink green tea. Efficacy of Maofeng Green Tea? 1. Antibacterial and sterilization? Maofeng tea tea and tannic acid in Maofeng tea can solidify the protein of bacteria, resist bacteria, and kill them. ? 2. Strong heart -relieving spasm? Coffee coffee in Maofeng tea has the effects of strong heart, relieving spasm, and relaxation and smooth muscles. It can relieve bronchial spasm and promote blood circulation. Essence 3. Safe to wake up the brain? Mao Fengcha’s coffee coffee can excite the central nervous system, help people inspire the spirit, improve their thinking, eliminate fatigue, and improve work efficiency. 4. Diuretic swelling? Coffee and tea in Maofeng tea have diuretic effects and are often used to treat edema and stasis tumors. 5. Improve thinking ability? Mao Feng’s coffee coffee can make the central nervous system excitement, in order to improve the effect of the brain and eliminate fatigue, and it is suitable for brain workers to drink. 6. Preventing cardiovascular disease? Mao Feng contains tea polyphenols and vitamin C. It has the effect of preventing arteriosclerosis. Drinking frequently can stabilize blood pressure, suitable for the prevention of such diseases for middle -aged and elderly people. 7. Promoting blood circulation? Mao Feng can promote the blood circulation of the human body, enhance the toughness of the capillaries, and drink long -term drinking for obese people who want to improve their physique. The type of green tea? 1. Lushan Yunwu Tea? Lushan Yunwu Tea is a traditional Chinese famous tea, one of the top ten famous tea in China. It is one of the Chinese tea series and belongs to one of the green tea. The earliest kind of wild tea, Hui Yuan, a famous monk in Donglin Temple transformed wild tea into Jiasheng tea. Beginning in the Han Dynasty, the Song Dynasty was listed as “Gong Tea”. ? 2. West Lake Longjing? Longjing tea area distributedAbove the mountains on the banks of West Lake.The lake is next to the lake, the climate is mild, the clouds are lingering all year round, the rainfall is abundant, and the soil structure is loose and fertile.3, Liu’an Gua tablets? Liu’an Gua film is a national historical tea, one of the top ten classic green tea in China.Liu’an melon slices (also known as sliced tea), are special tea for green tea.It is collected from the local species, through the tosses, remove the tender buds and tea stalks, and make a piece of tea -shaped tea -shaped tea through unique traditional processing technology.The above is the introduction of Biluochun’s efficacy and its Maofeng green tea effect. From the introduction above, we can see that Biluochun and Mao Feng green tea have their own good.A lot of!