How to cultivate Yuexi Cuilan?What is the craft?

The scope of regional protection

Yuexi Cuilan’s origin area is the current administrative area under the jurisdiction of Yuexi County, Anhui Province.


Non -the -breaking tea varieties such as non -trained stone Buddha Cui and Shucha, which are suitable for local cultivation.

Establishment conditions

A sea of u200bu200b300 meters to 850 meters within the origin of the origin. , Soil pH value 4.5 to 5.5, groundwater level u0026 le; 50 cm.

Cultivation Management

Seedling reproduction: Cuttings or real reproduction.

Planting: Plant density of 5,000 to 5,500 square meters per 667 square meters. The non -sex system is planted in mid -March, and sexually reproduces in late December. The amount of seedling is 30 to 35 kg per 667 square meters.

Fertilization: When planting in Xinyuan, every 667 square meters apply rotten organic fertilizer u0026 ge; 1000 kg, adult tea gardens every 667 square meters of rotten organic fertilizer u0026 GE; 500 kg.

Plastic trimming: Adult tea gardens are trimmed once a year, trimmed every three years, and time is performed after the spring tea picking.

Environment, safety requirements: The use of pesticides, fertilizers, etc. must comply with relevant state regulations and should not pollute the environment.

Picking and processing

Fresh leaves: Picking time: mid -March to late April.

Picking criteria: one bud and two leaves.

Process process: Fresh leaves picked u0026 rarr; transportation u0026 rarr; spreading u0026 rarr; killing u0026 rarr;

Craft Requirements:

spreading: spread in the natural ventilation room, thickness u0026 le; 10 cm, 3 hours to 5 hours.

Killing: When the temperature is 140 ° C to 160 ° C, the time is 2 minutes to 3 minutes.

Act: The temperature is 80 ° C to 100 ° C, the time is 3 minutes to 5 minutes, until the color is green, and the strips are loose and natural.

Maohuo: Temperature 90 ° C to 110 ° C, 6 minutes to 8 minutes, the thickness of the stalls is 1 to 1.5 cm, the stalls are not piled up.

cooling: more than 1 hour of time, until the temperature drops below 30 ° C.

Footfire: temperature 70 ° C to 80 ° C, thickness of 3 cm to 1 cm, until the tea leaves are twisted into the end.

Physical and chemical indicators: water content u0026 le; 6%, total ash content u0026 le; 6%, water immersion contentu0026 ge; 36%, tea polyphenol content u0026 ge; 24%, amino acid content u0026 ge; 2%, coffee coffee content u0026 le; 2%.

Safety and other quality and technical requirements: Product safety and other quality and technical requirements must meet relevant national regulations.

The use of special signs

producers within the scope of Yuexi Cuilan can submit an application for the use of u0026 ldquo;The Anhui Provincial Quality and Technical Supervision Bureau was reviewed, and the Quality Inspection and Quarantine General Administration was announced after approval.Yuexi Cuilan’s testing agency was selected by the Anhui Provincial Quality and Technical Supervision Bureau in the testing agency that meets the qualification requirements.