Can Biluochun Green Tea expire?Biluochun Green Tea is not allowed to drink!

As we all know, Biluochun belongs to green tea. Because green tea is not fermented, the preservation requires that it is higher than other tea, and the shelf life is the shortest. If it is preserved properly, the shelf life can also be extended, but it is not allowed to drink expired, as follows! Biluochun’s shelf life? Biluochun, as a kind of green tea, naturally has its shelf life. The shelf life of green tea is generally about one year at room temperature. The shelf life of Biluochun Tea is the best quality. If the outsourcing is stored in good moisture -proof, oxygen barriers, and light avoidance, then accepted oxygen dehuminants, vacuum pumping nitrogen filling, desiccant and other skills, and stored at low temperatures, which can be kept for 10 months. The shelf life of other sealing tea is generally 12 months to 24 months, but Biluochun is a relatively tender tea. It is generally preserved for 12 months. ? Biluochun’s best preservation time is 6 months. If the outsourcing has good moisture -proof, oxygen resistance, and avoiding freshness, then accepted the skills of oxygen dewlogen, vacuum pumping nitrogen filling, desiccant and other skills, and staggering, and and other skills, and stirring and other skills, and putting desiccant, and other skills, and despairing cosmetics, and also, and despairing cosmetics. Storage at low temperature can keep fresh for 10 months. The harm of the expired Biluochun? Drinking Drinking Biluochun is not only good for physical health, but also harms our health, so the expired Biluochun cannot be consumed! When drinking moldy or deteriorating tea, diarrhea, vomiting and other symptoms occur; the expired tea may cause poisoning, causing sudden diseases. The use of expires Biluochun? 1. Remove dampness? Put the expired tea in the tide cabinet. Tea can absorb moisture, and slowly expand water absorption. After the tea leaves increases due to water absorption, take it out and put it in. ? 2. Go to the refrigerator to odor? Put an expired tea with an open bottle and put it in the refrigerator to remove the odor. 3. Except the odor with both hands? After processing the fish, the fishy smell is very heavy, and the smell of the smell should not be used to use the detergent. At this time, you can take a handful of tea and rub it in your hand to remove the smell. 4. The color of the clothes? Using the colorful clothes of the expired tea water bubbles can make the clothes not fade. If it is already faded clothes, use tea water bubbles, and they can also restore their original color. 5. Disodermix? Dry the expired tea, wrap it with gauze, and put it in the shoes for 2 days to absorb the odor in the shoes. In summary, Biluochun belongs to green tea. It is a kind of tea that has not been fermented. Therefore, like all green tea, Biluochun has a shelf life, and the shelf life is not very long. It is not recommended to drink it!