Anji White Tea and Biluochun

Anji White Tea and Biluochun are national geographical products and one of the top ten famous tea in China. Therefore, in terms of fame, Anji White Tea’s reputation is not as famous as Biluochun. The specifics are as follows: Anji White Tea is famous and good quality? In April 2004, in April 2004, the former General Administration of Quality Supervision, Inspection and Quarantine officially approved the “Anji White Tea” as a primary product protection product (that is, geographical indication protection products). In 1998, Anji White Tea was identified as “Zhejiang Agricultural Famous Brand Product” by the Zhejiang Provincial Government;? In May 1999, Anji White Tea won the first place in Zhejiang’s famous tea evaluation; The Tea Review was awarded a special prize at the meeting; in July, he won the gold award at the China -International Tea Expo; it was identified as a brand -name product at the 4th China Agricultural Expo in September;? In October 2000 and July 2001 -The International Tea Expo International Tea Gold Award. Good quality? Anji white tea is straight and slightly flat, shaped like orchids; the color is green, and the white charm is revealed; the leaf buds are like a golden -inlaid green sheath, and the inside is wrapped in silver arrows, which is very pleasant. After brewing Anji White Tea, the fragrance is high and lasting. The taste is fresh, after drinking, the lips and teeth are fragrant, and the aftertaste is sweet. The leaf bottom is tender and green, and the buds and leaves can be distinguished. Anji White Tea also has a unique charm different from other green tea, which contains a strange fragrance of “light bamboo” like “light bamboo”. The higher the tea grade, the more pure this incense, which may be the “local rhyme” of the tea town Anji. “Phoenix” Anji White Tea strips are straightforward, strong and uniform; tender green, lively pan -gold edges. ? “Dragon -shaped” Anji white tea is flat and smooth, straight and straight; tender green is jade color, uniform. The soups of the two kinds of tea are tender and green, and the aroma is tender and lasting; the taste is either mellow, or rich, clear and sweet, and the leaves are white veins. ? According to different grades, it is the first exhibition of buds and one leaf to the first buds and three leaves. Biluochun’s well -known and good quality? Famous? In 1915, the Panama World Expo was listed as the top ten famous tea in China. ? In 1959, China’s “Top Ten Famous Tea” was listed as the top ten famous tea in China. In 1999, the Liberation Daily was listed as the top ten famous tea in China. ? In 2001, the Press and New York Daily were listed as the top ten famous tea in China. ? In 2002, the “Hong Kong Wen Wei Po” was listed as the top ten famous tea in China. Good quality? Biluochun tea is characterized by: uniform strip, beautiful shape, curling like snails, fluffy hair, color such as gel, fragrant aroma, and sweet flavor. ? 1. Color? Authentic Dongting Biluochun is shiny, green and green, and other Biluochun is dim, but Qingli is yellow, and there is no gloss. 2. Scent? Dongting Biluochun has a strong aroma and fragrant fragrance. It mainly grows in the orchard is related to the unique soil and water of Dongting. Other Biluochun aroma is insufficient, because it is a new tea with a little aroma, but there is no fragrance and fruity aroma. Biluochun has Austrian qi and green leaves. ? 3. Taste? Dongting Biluochun is very smooth in the mouth. There is a sweet, cool, mellow feeling, with aftertaste, mainly mellow. Other Biluochun drinkIn the mouth, there are astringent, cool, bitter, and light feelings, no aftertaste, and green leaves.4. The shape? The strip is as slender as the bee legs, curled into a snail, full of fluffy but not very strong, silver green (or silver white Yincui).5. brewing? Tea brewing has three types of investment. Biluochun is a typical goal of Shangshu, which is first injected water and then puts tea. The real Biluochun is put into the cup., The soup is slightly yellow.In short, Anji White Tea and Biluochun are good tea.