Why is black tea suitable for drinking after meals

Why is black tea suitable for drinking after meals? Black tea is a fermented tea. It is based on the sprouts and leaves of tea trees. It is refined by typical processes such as withering, twisting (cut), fermentation, and drying. Because of its dry tea and brewed tea soup, it is based on red, so it is called black tea. The degree of fermentation of black tea is 80 to 90 %. Due to the chemical reactions centered on tea polyphenol enzyme oxidation during the processing process, the chemical composition in fresh leaves has changed significantly, and tea polyphenols are reduced by more than 90%, which produces new tea lutein, tea erytheine and other new and new tea erythema. The ingredients are significantly increased than fresh leaves, so black tea has the characteristics of black tea, red soup, red leaves and sweet mellow.
When people drink green tea when they are not eating, they feel uncomfortable with the stomach. This is because the tea polyphenols contained in green tea have convergence and have a certain stimulating effect on the stomach. powerful. Black tea is not the same. It is fermented and baked. The tea polyphenols occur in the enzymatic oxidation reaction under the action of oxidase. The content is reduced, and the irritation of the stomach decreases. In addition, the oxidation products of these tea polyphenols can also promote the digestion of the human body, so black tea will not only hurt the stomach, but can nourish the stomach. Drinking sugar with sugar and black tea with milk can eliminate inflammation and protect gastric mucosa, and it also has a certain effect on the treatment of ulcers. ? Black tea is warm, which is one of the reasons why black tea is more favorable for the stomach. You can drink black tea for half an hour after eating meat without digestion. The currently brewed black tea is not only more nutritious, but also better suction reform. In short, drinking black tea must develop habits. Occasionally drinking once can not be exerted for black tea, it is better to drink it every day.