Why is black tea called black tea, red soup red leaves -black tea

Speaking of black tea, someone should not know when it comes to black tea, because black tea is a famous historical tea in China, and there are many favors in China, but do you know why black tea is called black tea? details as follows! The name of the black tea? Black tea is a full fermented tea. It is based on the new teeth leaves of the tea tree as the raw material. It is named after the tea soup and leaf color after the dry tea. The production of black tea? 1. withering and withering is divided into two types: indoor heating withering and withering outdoor sunlight withering. The degree of withering is required to lose its gloss at the tip of fresh leaves, the soft sink of the leaf is constant, and the veins are transparent. ? 2. The purpose of twisting? The purpose of black tea and twisting is the same as green tea. The tea leaves are formed during the twisting process and enhanced the color and fragrance concentration. At the same time, because the leaf cells are damaged, it is convenient for the necessary oxidation under the action of enzymes, which is conducive to the smooth fermentation of fermentation. Essence 3. Fermentation? Ferment, commonly known as “sweating”, is the most important link. It refers to putting the twisting tea embryo in the basket. After a slightly tightening, cover the fermented cloth soaked in warm water to increase the temperature and humidity of the fermented leaves, promote enzyme activity, and shorten the fermentation time. Generally, it is 5 ~ After 6 hours, the veins are reddish -brown to bake and dry. 4. Baking? Put the moderate fermented tea on the water sieve evenly, spread about 2 to 2.5 kilograms of about 2 to 2.5 kg each sieve, and then place the water sieve on the suspension frame. Therefore, small breeding black tea has a unique pure pine smoke fragrance. 5. Repeated roasting? Tea is a substance that is easy to absorb water. It must be re -fire before sale to leave its internal quality. The water content does not exceed 8%. Efficacy of black tea? 1. Reduce blood glucose and blood lipids? Black tea can stimulate the secretion of insulin, reduce the peak of blood sugar after meals. Black tea contains a large amount of macromoxols, phenols have antioxidant, reduce blood lipids, inhibit arteriosclerosis, enhance capacity Drinking black tea also has the effect of lowering blood sugar. 2. Spleen to nourish the stomach? Black tea has a prominent effect on the stomach and stomach, which is very suitable for people with weak spleen and stomach. Black tea is warm and good at driving cold in the warmth. Therefore, in daily life, consumers with poor spleen and stomach should choose black tea for tasting. Drinking black tea often helps health. 3. Diuretic? Black tea has caffeine and aromatic substances. The combination of both can promote the increase in urine output and achieve the effect of diuretic. It is also conducive to excretion of excessive uric acid, lactic acid, salt, harmful substances, etc., alleviate the burden on the heart and kidney, and the urinary system will be healthier. 4. Anti -inflammatory and sterilization? Polyphenols in black tea have the effect of anti -inflammatory effects. After experimenting, it is found that catechins can be combined with bacteria of single -cell to make protein solidifying and precipitated, which can inhibit and eliminate the pathogenic bacteria. 5. Detoxification? Tea in black tea can adsorb heavy metals and biological crickets, and precipitate and decompose, which can regulate the sub -health state of the human body and improve the physical level of the person. This is definitely one for modern people who are contaminated by industrial water and food.Xiang Gospel.6, refreshing the brain? Caverine in black tea stimulates the cerebral cortex to excite the nerve center, which can promote the concentration of refreshing and thinking, make the brain more sober, the thinking response is more keen, and more memory.In summary, the reason why black tea is called black tea is mainly because black tea is red after brewing, and the color and tea bottom of the tea soup are red, so black tea is named!