Where is the place where black tea produces is better?Tongmuguan is the best!

China is the hometown of tea and one of the world’s five major black tea production areas (countries). Tea planting is covered with 19 provinces, cities, and Taiwan, and Hong Kong. It has a wide range of production areas and there are many production areas. So let’s take a look at it! 1. Small species of Zhengshan: The first place in China’s top ten black tea brands, it produced in Tongmuguan, Fujian Province, China. ? Features that the small species of Zhengshan will use pine needles or pine firewood when making. After cure tea, it will have a unique pine smoke fragrance. It is said that the small species of Zhengshan are not only China, but also the earliest black tea in the world. It is “the ancestor of black tea”. 2. Qimen black tea? Origin: Qimen black tea is also an important member of China’s top ten black tea brands, produced in Qimen County, Anhui Province. Features: It is said that he had appeared in the Qing Dynasty as early as the Qing Dynasty, but it was a dedicated to the royal tea tea at that time. Until now, he has a history of more than 100 years. High, mellow, colorful and other characteristics. 3, Yunnan black tea? Origin: Among the top ten black tea brands in China, Yunnan black tea also has an indispensable position. This black tea is mainly produced in Baoshan and Fengqing and Xishuangbanna, Yunnan, China. Features: Yunnan black tea is a large leaf black tea made of unique Yunnan large -leaf tea trees as the main raw materials. The most representative existence of Chinese Kung Fu black tea is the important feature of its fat and golden appearance. 4. Sichuan black tea? Origin: Sichuan black tea is a characteristic black tea produced in Yibin City, Sichuan, China. It is a rising star of the black tea family. Features: The shape is fat and tight, the golden show is revealed, and the color is dark and oily. After brewing, the aroma is fresh and the soup is shiny. It is the best existence in Chinese black tea. It is also a hot product in the tea market. In addition, other black tea varieties include Rizhao Black Tea, Zhaoping Black Tea, Huo Black Tea, Yue Black Tea, Quancheng Black Tea, Su Shi Tea, British Black Tea, Dongjiang Chuyunxian black tea. Mu Lan black tea is a very famous black tea brand. 5. Yichang black tea? Origin: Yichang black tea is called Yihong, also known as Yichang Gongfu tea, which is one of the main gongfu black tea varieties in my country. Features: As early as the Qin and Han dynasties, tea was spread from Bashu to Yichang; tea used from chewing fresh leaves to raw cooking. According to “Yan Zi Chun Qiu”: “When the baby is in Qi Jinggong, the meal of eating from the ancestor. The moxibustion of San Ge and the five eggs and the water dishes.” It shows that the local tea is cooked and eaten. Drinking starts. 6. Lake Red Gongfu? Origin: Mainly produced in Anhua, Xinhua, Taoyuan, Lianyuan, Shaoyang, Pingjiang, Liuyang, Changsha, etc., located in the central Xiangfeng Mountains, and the middle of the capital river. , “Yuan Anhua Three Township, with tea everywhere, cliffs and water, do not grow.” Features: Red Gongfu has enjoyed the reputation of “mellow fragrance” since ancient times. The authentic lake Red Gongfu pays attention to mellow taste and rich flavor, which is different from other black tea characteristics. In the history of tea in China, there have been “Lake Red”, “Qi Hong”, and “Jianhong” three -footed scenes. ? 7. Minhong Gongfu? Origin: Minhong Gongfu Tea is a government and a timeThe collective referred to Tanyang Gongfu and Bai Lin Gongfu are all specialty of Fujian. Features: The shape is fat, heavy, uniform, dark and oily, the slightest buds are revealed, it is golden yellow, and it is extremely beautiful; It is suitable for clear drinks, but also adds sugar, milk and other tunes. 8. Ning Hong Gongfu? Origin: Ning Hong Gong, referred to as Ning Hong, is one of the earliest time in our country. It is mainly produced in Xiushui County, Jiangxi. Features: Ninghong has a beautiful appearance, black color, bright red water color, and is very valuable in fighting and tea. Ning Hongxuan tightly tightened the beautifully, the golden show was revealed, the front seedlings were tall, the color was dark, the flavor was long, the leaf bottom was red and bright, and the characteristics of the strong taste were famous at home and abroad. 9. The place of origin of the more red kung fu: Yuehong Gongfu is the Gongfu black tea produced in Zhejiang Province, produced in Shaoxing, Zhuji Yixian County and other counties. The more popular Kung Fu is also called a black tea. Gong Gong tea produced in Shaoxing City is called more red Gongfu tea, and the first tea is called “more red.” In the Republic of China, there were a small amount of production in the market. Features: Yuehong Gongfu is tightly straightforward, with a uniform and uniform. The redness of the redness, the beautiful appearance, the internal texture, the inner texture is pure, the soup color is bright and lighter, and the bottom of the leaves is slightly darker. 10. Jiuqu Hongmei? Origin: Jiuqu Hongmei is referred to as “Jiuqu Hong”. It is another traditional fist product in the West Lake District. It is a treasure in black tea. Features: Jiuqu Hongmei is called red plum because its color red fragrance is like a red plum, so it is called Jiuqu Hongmei, which has a fresh and refreshing and warm stomach. Jiuqu Hongmei tea has been produced for nearly 200 years and became famous more than 100 years ago. The above is the origin of the major black tea. In general, the famous tea in China is except for the Jiangbei tea area, most of which are produced in the high mountains and plateau regions of Jiangnan. The natural environment there is just suitable for the growth of tea trees. famous!