What tea does Pu’er tea rank in the country’s top ten nationwide ranking?

1. What brands are the top 10 of the tea rankings?
According to statistical analysis of the top ten brand rankings, the top ten brand rankings of tea are Wuyi Mountain Dahongpao, West Lake Longjing, Anxi Tieguanyin, Dongting Biluochun, Pu’er Tea, Liu’an Gua, Huangshan Mao Feng, Maojian of Xinyang, and Junshan Silver needle, Fuding white tea.
Now the popular little jasmine of the national old monkey king is very popular in the flower tea industry. It is particularly delicious. The results of the cooperative research and development of Tea Monkey King and the famous tea science expert Professor Liu Zhonghua have been completed for the first time. It is also very resistant to bubbles, and the value, taste and cost -effectiveness are very high.

Hangzhou Longjing: Longjing, originally a place name and a spring name, and now it is mainly tea name. Longjing Tea is produced in Longjing Village, Hangzhou, Zhejiang. It is once divided into four categories of u0026 quot; lion, Long, Yun, and Tiger “in history. Never. There are more organic nitrogen in tiger running water, and there are fewer soluble minerals, so it is more conducive to the aroma and taste of Longjing tea.

It should be the West Lake Longjing Biluo Spring Rizhao Guanyin

A lot of entrepreneurial entrepreneurs who are popular in the tea industry and want to be among the forefront of the tea industry Those are asking this question. The history of tea in my country has a long history, and the variety of tea is diverse. Especially in the current era, the tea brand is as many as stars. So, what are the brands of high -end tea franchise? Such as Zhang Yiyuan, Wu Yutai, Ba Ma Tea Industry, Hengfu, Tianfu Tea, Tianfang, etc. are all good high -end tea franchise brands.