What is the taste of authentic tea?

What is the taste of authentic Jinjunmei tea? The authentic Jin Junmei has a strong aroma, sweet taste, mellow, and rich in the cup bottom. Good consistency, good return. The tea soup is sweet and thick, and the bubbles have a thick feeling. It smells of roasted sweet potato, it has a light honey flavor, and the water is glycol. In addition, Jin Jun’s eyebrows are as long as eyebrows, with golden tips; the aroma is elegant, that is, there are traditional fruits, potato flavor, and obvious honey and floral fragrance. The tea soup is lighter, golden and translucent; the taste is particularly sweet and round, quite resistant to bubbles. Jinjunmei Tea is a branch of small species in the Black Tea. Jiang Yuanxun, the inheritor of the second fourteen generation of Zhengshan Xiaoshan, led the team to develop new varieties of black tea developed by innovation in 2005 based on the traditional crafts. ? Jinjunmei brewing method? 1. Selection of utensils? It is recommended to choose a Kung Fu tea white porcelain cup or a transparent glass, so that when brewing, you can enjoy the fragrance and elegant tea incense when brewing of Jinjunmei Tea. The beautiful gesture and crystal clear tea soup stretched in the water in the water. 2. Water temperature control? The water temperature of black tea, suitable water temperature is conducive to the aroma, taste, taste, and immersion of the rich inner content. Jin Junmei made with tea leaf tender sprouts needs to be brewed after boiling water to 80-90 degrees Celsius. The first bubble is to wash the cup quickly when washing the tea. In seconds, 25 seconds, 35 seconds, 45 seconds, 1 minute, 1 minute 10 seconds, 1 minute 20 seconds, 1 minute 30 seconds, 2 minutes, 2 minutes and 30 seconds. 3. Control of tea volume? Jinjunmei Tea Gan is recommended to put in 3 grams to soak more than 12 times. 4. Water quality selection? Select “soft water” with low calcium and magnesium -containing magnesium, such as mountain spring water, well water, pure water, etc., the water quality is fresh, colorless, tasteless, and high -oxygen -containing water. 5. Breeding tips? After putting in Jinjunmei in advance for warm tea, in order to protect the fluffy on the surface of the delicate tea and avoid the fierce roll of tea in the cup, it should be carefully along the white porcelain cover bowl or glass. Injecting water can ensure the clear and beautiful tea soup. 6. Drinking skills? After the first injection of boiling water, Jin Junmei stood in the cup for about 5 seconds. In the later period, more than ten bubbles can be heated to boil. Jin Junmei buying skills? Jin Junmei’s high -quality tea has a pure aroma, with flower and fruit aroma, fresh and elegant aroma. Instead of salty tea with salty and soil flavor. In terms of appearance, high -quality dry tea is unique, golden and black, dark and yellow, oily and fresh, shiny, white, tight, slightly bent, like hippocampus, uniform and uniform tea and miscellaneous mixed Best. ? This article is introduced here. Jin Junmei is divided into different levels, and the taste of each level is different. High -end Jinjunmei is sweet and strong, sweet and sweet. Mid -range Jinjunmei has a slightly sweet aroma, sweet and light taste. The low -grade Jinjunmei has a strong aroma and plain taste.