There are so many red tea varieties, what is the hill size?

Speaking of black tea, Zhengshan small species is an absolute leader, she is the world’s first black tea, enjoy the reputation of the red tea, the nasal ancestor u0026 rdquo; is born in the middle and late Ming Dynasty, at 400 In the history of the history of the history, she took the wind and waves, and she still plays an important seat in the tea industry.

The origin of Zhengshan Mountain

1568 Spring I have a panicked, and the tired army is resting in the tea processing. After the next day, I will go, these tea farmers return, the original green fresh leaves are broken, the leaves change I have to send red and black, and the tea farmhouse must not throw away, I want to bake, see if she can sell it. I am afraid that I can’t sell it locally, I will take a farther Xiamen to sell. I didn’t expect that the people in Xingcun have been looking for the second year. I have to buy the kind of tea last year, so I was born as black tea.

Zhengshan small origin

“Chinese Tea” records u0026 ldquo; tung, one is Zhengshan u0026 Rdquo ;.

u0026 quot; Zhengshan u0026 quot; Refers to Tong Tonguan and the same altitude as Tong Tonguan, the same region, produced with the same traditional process, the same quality, unique longan soup is collectively referred to as ” A small black tea made in other places, known as u0026 ldquo; Why is the Zhengshan, there is such a strict distinction in the appearance? Because of the richness, altitude, temperature, humidity, etc., such as the species, temperature, humidity. All this can create a unique alpine charm in Zhengshan.

Zhengshan small species is smoke and smoke-free

Through the pine needle or pinellia smoked “called u0026 ldquo; smoke small kind”; no smoky called u0026 ldquo; Mountain small species u0026 rdquo ;.

On the aroma, the hills of black tea with sweet flowers, smoke small black tea is a strong rosin.

Chinese people are generally difficult to accept strong smoked taste, but foreigners like, add milk, tea, and become methanol-slip milk tea, especially favored by Europeans. Chinese people prefer to bring natural flower fruit, and nourish the smoke-free smoke-free smoke.

The black tea originated in China, but formed unique black tea culture in exotic. 1662 Portuguese Princess Catherine married a few boxes of China u0026 ldquo; Zhengshan small species (red tea as a downtime), and set off u0026 ldquo; British afternoon tea u0026 rdquo; fashion. So far, there is such a sentence in the UK’s culture: u0026 ldquo; When the clock sounds four times, everything in the world stops for tea and rDQUO;It can be seen that the British habit of afternoon tea is deeply rooted.