The taste of green tea and black tea is worthy of tasting!

Black tea is made from fermentation. When fermentation, tea turns red oxides under the action of oxidase and becomes black tea. Black tea is mild and mellow; and because green tea has not been fermented, the green tea retains the original tea aroma, as follows! The taste of black tea? 1. Fragrant type? Any dry tea with white mills and fresh leaves, tenderness is single buds or one bud and one leaf, and the dry tea that is made normally. ? 2. The fragrance type? The aroma is pure, soft and lasting. Although the incense is not high, it is slowly emitting. It is pleasant. It is that the black tea that is made of tender is all incense. 3. Tender fragrance type? The fragrance is high and delicate, fresh and pleasant, with the aroma of corn, the fresh leaf raw materials are delicate and soft, and the well -made famous tea. 4. Pine smoke fragrance? For all -in -drying processes in the process of drying, smoked tea such as pine, cypress or maple balls, and yellow vines, such as small breeding black tea. 5. Fire incense type? Including rice cake fragrance, high fire fragrance, old fire incense and pot fragrance. Fresh leaves are older and have a lot of stalks. When the manufacturing is dry, the fire workers are high enough. 6. Flower type? It has a variety of natural flowers. Some special tea trees will have the aroma after withering. 7. Fruits? Exudant a variety of fruits, such as longan. Black tea has apple fragrance, small breeding black tea belt with longan incense. 8. Sweet fragrance type? Including sweet fragrance, sweet flower fragrance, jujube fragrance, longan dry fragrance, honey fragrance, etc. Moderate work made of fresh leaves. The taste of green tea? 1. Fresh type? It has a clear flavor and fresh taste. The entrance has a light fragrance and feels more hearty. Generally, the delicate green tea, refreshing taste, and strong sense of freshness, generally belong to this type. ? 2. Strong type? This kind of tea is the main aroma of fragrance and cooked chestnut. Thickness refers to the strong tea soup, that is, the inside content is rich, such as the difference between drinking soup and drinking water. The martyr refers to the medium feeling of the tea soup. The taste is strong but not bitter. The tea soup has convergence but not astringent. 3. Thick type? The thickness is generally a good indicator of tea. Generally, this type of green tea is generally tender and the leaves are thick, and the leaves are thick and solid. Therefore, after processing, the entrance is rich in objects. It has strong irritation and convergence. The law is reasonable. 4, mellow type? Alcohol refers to its taste concentration is not very high, irritating but smaller, slightly sweet or refreshing, like drinking milk alcohol. Thick refers to the thickness of the tea soup. 5. Gel type? Generally, it refers to its entrance to feel rich in items, irritating but smaller, and its irritation is weaker than strong, higher than mellow, sweet or sweet. 6. Fresh/fresh alcohol type? Fresh refers to the feeling of eating fresh fruits. This type is fresh and thick or thick, and the aftertaste is refreshing. Generally, this type of tea leaves have good tenderness, good amino acid content, and the processed tea leaves are particularly fresh. The above is the introduction of black tea and green tea fragrance. In general, black tea and green tea are actually particularly fragrant, but because of processing and production, the fragrance is different, but it is undeniable that the fragrance of tea is right and wrong.Frequently comfortable fragrance!