The difference between black tea and Pu’er tea

Black tea is China’s second largest tea, which is full fermented tea; Pu’er tea has developed into Pu’er green tea, Pu’er green tea, Pu’er black tea, Pu’er black tea, Pu’er yellow tea, and Pu’er white tea. So sometimes there is no difference between black tea and Pu’er tea, but after all, black tea is not Pu’er tea, so there are differences between them. The difference between black tea and Pu’er tea is as follows:

1. Different categories

Pu’er tea belongs to recreational tea, while black tea is basic tea. Basic tea includes green tea, black tea, green tea, yellow tea, white tea, and black tea. Black tea is one of them. Pu’er tea is processed by special process.

2. Taste, different aroma

Pu’er tea has a mellow taste and unique Chen Xiang. Black tea is sweet, fresh, sweet and fragrant. One is Chen Xiang and the other is sweet fragrance, which is easier to distinguish between the two.

3. Different processing process

Take Pu’er loose tea and Gongfu black tea as an example. —— Siege -Pick -Pick up.

Gongfu black tea processing process is: fresh leaves of tea -wither -wither -twist -fermentation -shaping -drying -red hair tea -refined -roasting -finished product.

4. Different products

Pu’er tea products include Pu’er loose tea and Pu’er tight tea. Pu’er loose tea is fat and tight in shape. Pu’er tightly pressed tea is made of Pu’er loose tea.

Black tea products mainly include Gongfu black tea and red tea. Gongfu black tea is dominated by strips, and there are also some curled shapes. The red tea is small granular shape, with dark color, and can be processed into a bag for tea.

In addition, Pu’er tea is a unique geographical logo product unique to Yunnan. The processing must be based on Yunnan Big Leaf -leaf greening green tea as the raw material. The ingredients of black tea can be used for both large leaves and small and small leaves, such as “Dianhong” made of large -leaf tea planting leaves as raw materials and “Ninghong” made of small leaf tea trees as raw materials.

5. Different effects

The efficacy of Pu’er tea is warming the stomach, weight loss, fat reduction, preventing arteriosclerosis, preventing coronary heart disease, lowering blood pressure, anti -aging, anti -cancer, blood sugar lowering, suppression of suppression Bacteria anti -inflammatory, reducing smoke poison, reduced metal poison, anti -radiation, anti -dental caries, eyesight, digestion, anti -toxic, constipation, and hangover. Black tea has the effects of refreshing fatigue, rejuvenating heat and clearing heat, anti -inflammatory sterilization, detoxifying, strong bones, antioxidant, and delaying aging.

6. Different origin

The origin of Pu’er tea and black tea must be different. Black tea is distributed in Jiangsu, Hunan, and Anhui. Among them, Qimen black tea in Anhui Province is the most famous. The main origin of Pu’er tea is Yunnan. They all say that Pu’er tea in Yunnan is the most authentic, most famous, and the best quality. Therefore, there are differences in the origin of the two.

7. Different frequency of brewing

The raw materials of Pu’er tea are large trees and leaves, so it is very resistant to bubbles. It can usually be brewed more than fifteen times. The number of black tea brewing depends on the quality. Generally, the general black tea can only be brewed three to five times, and the quality black tea can be brewed more than ten times.

8. Different taste

Friends who drink Pu’er tea, I believe it will be unforgettable for a long time. Its taste is very fragrant and has a faint tea fragrance. It is also the favorite of many middle -aged and elderly people. Essence The taste of black tea is more common. It has a sweet and sweet taste, and the taste may be better than Pu’er tea. It is suitable for people who do not taste tea.

9. Different storage time

Because Pu’er tea belongs to later fermentation, it can be stored for a long time, but only if the preservation method is correct, it may be possible to store more than ten or twenty tential year. The shelf life of the black tea is not that long, because it is a full -fermented tea, and the shelf life is about two years or so. It is not as durable as Pu’er tea.

In short, there is no difference between black tea and Pu’er tea, but sometimes the difference between them is very large.