Symptoms of black tea?No side effects of drinking black tea correctly

Black tea is a fermented tea. It is a very gentle tea. It contains a lot of nutrients. It has many health effects such as nourishing stomach and stomach. Drinking in moderation has a lot of benefits for our body. Do you know the side effects? details as follows! The side effects of drinking black tea? 1. Dilute the gastric juice? When drinking a large amount of thick black tea, the gastric juice will be diluted, reducing the concentration of the gastric juice, so that the gastric juice cannot digest food normally, thereby causing indigestion, abdominal distension, abdominal pain and other symptoms, and some even cause even cause Twelve -finger intestinal ulcers. 2. Anemia? Tea contains tannic acid, black tea contains about 5%, and green tea contains about 10%. When the human body drinks a lot of strong tea, the combination of tannic acid and iron will be more active, which will cause obstacles and effects on the absorption of iron to the human body, making the human body manifest as iron deficiency anemia. 3. Educational blood pressure and heart failure? Coffee in thick black tea can cause the human heart to accelerate, thereby increasing blood pressure. At the same time, a large number of thick tea liquid enters the blood vessels, can emphasize the burden on the heart, produces uncomfortable symptoms such as chest tightness and palpitations, and aggravate the degree of heart failure. 4. Constipation? The tannic acid in black tea can not only be combined with iron, but also combine with the protein in the food to generate a block, tannic acid protein that is not easy to digest and absorb, leading to the emergence of constipation. For the elderly with constipation, the constipation will make the constipation more serious. Precautions for drinking black tea? 1. Do not drink new tea. The new tea is not the newer, the better, it is not harmful to the stomach. Because the new tea is just picked back, the storage time is short. There is not much effect. 2. Do not use tea to take medicine, do not drink tea within 1 hour before and after taking the medicine. 3. Ginseng and American ginseng should not be eaten with tea. 4. Avoid drinking strong tea and hangover. It is not advisable to drink tea before meals. Do not drink tea immediately after meals? 5. Pregnant women avoid drinking black tea. 6. People with stones and tumors should not drink black tea. Patients with stones generally do not allow black tea. 7. People with anemia and mental weakness and insomnia should not drink black tea. Black tea refreshing efforts will increase their insomnia symptoms. 8. Usually emotional excitement or more sensitive, poor sleep, and weak people should not drink black tea. Because black tea has a good refreshing effect. 9. People with hot stomach should not drink black tea. Because black tea is warm tea, it plays a role in warming the stomach. 10. Those who have thick tongue tires, bad breath, acne, and red eyes should not drink black tea. Black tea is “heat”. People who are afraid of getting angry should not drink black tea. 11. Women during menstruation should not drink black tea, because the menstrual period will consume a lot of iron in the body, tannic acid in black tea will prevent the human body from absorbing the iron in food. 12. Breastfeeding women should not drink black tea, because tannic acid in black tea affects the blood circulation of the breast, which will inhibit the secretion of milk and affect the quality of breastfeeding. 13. Menopausal women should not drink black tea, because tea polyphenols in black tea may occur with accelerated heartbeat and poor sleep quality. ? 14, avoid emptyDrink tea.Black tea is mild in nature. After getting up every morning, you can brew a cup. After eating breakfast, you can also add an appropriate amount of milk to drink together.It should be reminded that do not drink tea on an empty stomach.In summary, although black tea is a very good tea, often drinking is good for our bodies, but everything is too late. Drinking black tea should still be moderate. Excessive drinking black tea will also have disadvantages. It is recommended to drink tea correctly!