Pu’er tea price list in 1992

What is the price of Pu’er tea around 1998?
Pu’er tea around 1998 is about 350 yuan / catty of 2000 Chinese tea Dayi Seven Sonic cakes 130 yuan / jin, and 2,000 yuan / jin of Chinese tea seven cakes cooked tea

Drinking Pu’er cannot fall into the vulgar set of years. The longer the year, the better, but if the tea itself is not good, or the storage method is incorrect. Therefore, it is difficult to give the appropriate price alone. If you put it well and have no mildew, you can increase by 20%to 30%per year according to the price of new tea, provided that if tea is good tea, there is no room for appreciation in Tibet.
2. Pu’er tea cake 10 years, 20,30 general money

3. What is the best price of Pu’er tea
General Pu’er tea price They are all different. Pu’er tea is relatively famous. The price of the grade is Da Yi tea from the Erhai Tea Factory in Yunnan. If the price is more than the price, Pu’er tea is more and more fragrant, and the more valuable. The old Pu’er tea is expensive, but at the same time it depends on the base of the tea (what level of it is) and the storage (dry warehouse or wet warehouse, better warehouse.)
Relatively speaking, it seems that storage is better 88 green (Pu’er tea cake around 1988, 357 grams), the retail price of the market is about 40,000.
Only better, not the best.

100-300 yuan/catties is better. The so-called best is not the actual drinking value. It is 5,000 yuan/jin, which is just hype.

This is best to be evaluated according to the ingredients of tea, the year of collection, etc., there are Pu’er tea with a cake of tens of thousands of yuan on the market. If you want to try good tea, you can ask me for help.

4, 10 years, how much is Pu’er tea, a pound of Pu’er tea
This question is quite empty, the quality of tea, brand, and types are different. The difference in appreciation is very different. big. I provide a information for your comparison. The standard of cooked tea is the 7572 type of Diyi. The 10 -year tea is about 200 yuan, an appreciation of about 6 times. The standard of raw tea is Dayi 7542, 10 years of tea is about 500 yuan, an appreciation of about 12 times. In addition, Pu’er tea is not theory except for loose tea. Instead, it is priced by cakes, cakes, and bricks. The price of loose tea is lowest. Tea. The price of the above example is a 357 gram of cake, which is also the most common type.