Pu’er tea cream brand rankings

1. What are the brands of Pu’er tea cream? Which is better?
There are many brands of Pu’er tea cream now in the market. There are Gong Runxiang, Monton, Colorful Yunnan, etc. Personally, I think Gong Runxiang is better. After all, it is a big brand and has a reputation.
2. What are the brands of Pu’er tea?
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There are still many brands of Pu’er tea. 123]

There are many brands of Pu’er tea, such as Dongzhuo Tea Industry, Da Yi, Rain Forest, Fujin, Jin Dafu, Hehechang, Gao Ding, Colorful Peacock ………….. … Personal point of view is the preferred choice of Dongzhuo

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What is the difference between Pu’er tea cream and Pu’er tea? Which brand is good?
The difference between Pu’er tea and Pu’er tea cream, both of them need to be used for bubbles, the taste is different, and the convenience is different. Convenient, people who like to drink tea generally do not like tea cream, on the contrary.

This friend who listened to the rice on the rice said that Pu’er tea cream is to process and fermented in Yunnan’s unique arbor large leaves after processing and fermentation. The tea juice is separated, and the obtained tea juice is reproduced to restore it into a higher -level solid -state -soluble tea.

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4. Which hero knows that Pu’er tea cream has two brands: Monton and Gong Runxiang on the market. What is the overall level good? Intersection I want to join. Thank you
Gong Runxiang. First of all, Gong Runxiang’s marketing plan and market operation are better than Monteon. This year seems to cooperate with the Boao Forum … It can be imagined that the development prospect of its brand is not comparable. It’s a question of quality … Go and drink in person. Mengton drank … it is too far -fetched …
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I have drank these two tea creams, and I have been drinking tea cream for the first time. I feel that Gong Runxiang’s tea cream is better and good. There is a faint sweetness in the mouth for a long time. Gong Runxiang mainly uses room temperature bionic immersion process, which retains the various beneficial ingredients in the tea. In contrast, it is more advanced, scientific and healthier!

Yu Yantang is very good A.