Machining and production of black tea

Black tea is one of the six major tea categories in China. It belongs to fermented tea. It is a common health care tea in my country. For black tea, the quality of quality is so high. In addition to raw materials, it mainly depends on the processing and production method of black tea. So let’s take a look at the processing and production of black tea! How to make black tea? 1. withering and withering is divided into two types: indoor heating withering and withering outdoor sunlight withering. The degree of withering is required to lose its gloss at the tip of fresh leaves, the soft sink of the leaf is constant, and the veins are transparent. ? 2. The purpose of twisting? The purpose of black tea and twisting is the same as green tea. The tea leaves are formed during the twisting process and enhanced the color and fragrance concentration. At the same time, because the leaf cells are damaged, it is convenient for the necessary oxidation under the action of enzymes, which is conducive to the smooth fermentation of fermentation. Essence 3. Fermentation? Ferment, commonly known as “sweating”, is the most important link. It refers to putting the twisting tea embryo in the basket. After a slightly tightening, cover the fermented cloth soaked in warm water to increase the temperature and humidity of the fermented leaves, promote enzyme activity, and shorten the fermentation time. Generally, it is 5 ~ After 6 hours, the veins are reddish -brown to bake and dry. The purpose of fermentation is to fully contact the polyphenol substance with oxidase, produce oxidation polymerization effects under the action of enzymatic, and other chemical components also deeply change accordingly, making the green tea red change, forming the color and fragrance of black tea. 4. Baking? Put the moderate fermented tea on the water sieve evenly, spread about 2 to 2.5 kilograms of about 2 to 2.5 kg each sieve, and then place the water sieve on the suspension rack and burn with pure pine firewood. Pure pine smoke fragrance. When it was just baked, it was required to be higher. Generally, it was about 80 degrees. The temperature height mainly stopped enzymes to prevent enzyme activity from excessive fermentation. Baking generally uses a drying method. It should not be flipped to avoid affecting uneven dryness, causing the outer dry and wet. Generally, it can be baked in 6 hours. It mainly depends on the firepower. Generally, the tentacles are stabbed, the research is made, the dryness is reached, and then it is cool. 5. Repeated roasting? Tea is a substance that is easy to absorb water. It must be re -fire before sale to leave its internal quality. The water content does not exceed 8%. Black tea production key steps? 1. Tea green? Black tea tea green head spring tea is the best quality, because it is rich in material, high tenderness, and easier to make high quality. High, the color of black tea made by made is dark red, and the bitterness is also high. 2. Fermentation? The fermentation was combined into the characteristics of tea, the characteristics of tea lutein, and the main substances of the brightness of the color of the tea soup. Camellia lutein is an important factor that affects the brightness of black tea soup, the freshness of the fragrance, and the level of concentration. The main factor of color redness, and its convergence and irritation are less. The above is the method of making black tea. In general, black tea fermentation is a key process for forming black tea, fragrant, and taste quality characteristics. Good fermentation can form more tea lutein and catechin, and can form more tastes andScent.