Jin Junmei and Qimen black tea technology, Jin Junmei technology is more complicated!

Whether it is Jin Junmei or Qimen black tea, both are the top grade in black tea. So what is the difference between Jin Junmei and Qimen black tea? Qimen black tea? Qimen black tea is a boutique in black tea. It is produced in Qimen County, Anhui, China. The tea trees here are good, quality is excellent, and the quality harvested from April to May. The appearance of Qimen black tea is delicate and uniform, bright and beautiful in color, the taste is as sweet as honey, and the tea is contained in the orchid fragrance, and the fragrance is lasting. After brewed Qimen black tea, the soup is bright and bright, and the tea red with the leaves of the leaves is bright and seductive. Qimen black tea production process? It is divided into three processes: picking, initial system and refining. • Picking: For Qimen black tea, the standards for picking are relatively high. The raw materials for making high -end tea picking are one bud, one, two leaves. In spring, summer, and autumn, they are all mining. The picking tea leaves are made immediately to ensure the freshness of fresh leaves. ? The initial production process of Qimen black tea includes step withered, twisting, fermentation, drying and other steps. After the above steps, the first tea made of tea is red and the aroma is strong. After the fermentation steps, the color of the tea is red, which is a very important step to determine the quality of Qimen black tea. • Exquisite: Select the first -made Qimen black tea products to remove impurities and poor quality. After a series of continuous refinement, Qimen black tea products are made. Jin Junmei? Jin Junmei is the treasure of the small breeding black tea in Zhengshan. The core value of Jin Junmei lies in its quality, and the core of quality is its absolutely excellent origin and mature production process. This is the basis of Jin Junmei’s market recognition and market competitive advantage. Compared with the small -breed black tea, its process saves the process of smoking and roasting. It has higher requirements for raw materials, more fine, stricter, and interlocking. If it is not well grasped, it will affect the quality. Jin Junmei production technology? For the production of Jin Junmei, it can be divided into steps such as fresh leaves, withering, withering, green fermentation, killing, twisting processing and other steps. Fresh leaves: The fresh leaf raw materials for making Jinjunmei black tea are more mature than black tea and green tea. The requirements for picking are relatively high. The new shoots of tea trees are two to four pieces. ? Withering: Jinjun eyebrows withered can be divided into two types: indoor withering and sunlight withering. From the name, we can see that one is indoors and the other is in the sun. Like the withering of the tea in the sun, let the tea leaves be properly lost, which is helpful for the formation and deodorization of the fragrance of Jinjunmei. Then perform indoor withering, so that the tea leaves dehydrate and reduce the leaf temperature. ? Shake green fermentation: It is carried out in the green machine. The purpose of this is to promote the oxidation of the enzyme and make the ingredients in the tea changes to a certain amount. ? Killing: Killing is to destroy the activity of enzymes through high temperature, so that tea can not continue to ferment, so that the quality of tea is set. ? Dipping processing: Through this step, let the tea leave the tea completely, and at the same time filter out the impurities, residual tea in the tea, the quality of the margin Junmei black tea tea. Jin Junmei is different from Qimen black tea, and its taste and taste are also unique, drinkingWhich one will play a role in health care, so which better tastes is personal preference.