Is walnut kernel plus black tea nourishing kidney?What can black tea drink with?

As we all know, the so -called lack of kidney yang is the weakness of the kidney, and it is often manifested in the cold limbs in the clinic, especially if the legs and feet are legs and feet, so many people will add something when drinking black tea , You can drink Chinese medicine black tea, as follows! Walnut kernels plus black tea nourishing kidney? Walnuts are a good thing, and black tea is also a very high -quality tea. Drinking black tea and walnuts can have a lot of effects, including Wen kidney gas, full of prosperous Yuanyang, and Yuanyang. Xingyang and so on. What can black tea drink with? 1. Lemon black tea? The fruit aroma of lemon and the tea aroma of black tea are naturally perfect. Two different materials are so harmonious together. Add honey or rock sugar to bring lemon. The sour taste is good, and the whole tea taste is very good. 2. Licorice with black tea? Licorice has the effect of clearing heat and detoxifying, nourishing the spleen and nourishing qi. Adding licorice to black tea is good for diuretic, anti -dental caries, and antibacterial effects. 3. Kumquat black tea? Fresh and golden kumquats are added to black tea. The taste of black tea and the fragrance of kumquats smell it. In addition, black tea can drive cold and warm the stomach, kumquats to fire, and the two are excellent with health results. 4. Strawberry honey black tea? Red and red strawberry and honey black tea, the fresh fruity aroma blends into the strong tea aroma, making the whole cup of tea a little fresh. With a piece of pea yellow, I believe it will not disappoint you. 5. Black tea cakes? Drinking black tea with a few pieces of rubber plastic cakes can also be a small snacks, so that you can spend a whole afternoon more pleasant. The effect of drinking black tea? 1. Shengjin clearing heat? Black tea contains polyphenols, sugar, amino acids, pectin, etc. to produce chemical reactions with saliva, and stimulates the secretion of saliva, which causes the mouth to feel moisturized and produces coolness. At the same time Coffee coffee controls the body temperature center of the underworld and regulates the body temperature. It also stimulates the kidneys to promote the excretion of calories and dirt, and maintain the physiological balance in the body. 2. Refreshing and exhaustion? After medical experiments, the coffee coffee in black tea is stimulated by stimulating the cerebral cortex to excite the nerve center, which promotes the concentration of refreshing and thinking, and then the thinking response is more keen and memory enhanced. With the heart of the heart, strengthen the heart fight, so as to accelerate the blood circulation to metabolize the new metabolism, and at the same time promote sweating and diuretic. As a result, the dual tubes accelerate the lactic acid (material fatigue that feels muscular) and other old waste substances in the body to eliminate fatigue to eliminate fatigue. Effect. 3. Diuretic? Under the combination of coffee coffee and aromatherapy in black tea, increase the blood flow of the kidneys, increase the glomerular filtration rate, expand the renal microvascular, and inhibit the re -absorption of the renal tubular water, so it promotes the increase in urine volume increase Essence This is conducive to eliminating lactic acid, uric acid (related to gout), excessive salt (related to hypertension), harmful substances, etc., and ease the edema caused by heart disease or nephritis. 4. Anti -inflammatory and sterilization? Polyphenols in black tea have the effect of anti -inflammatory effects, and then found through experiments that catechins can beThe combination of bacteria makes the protein solidify and precipitate, thereby inhibiting and eliminating the diseased bacteria. Therefore, patients with bacterial dysentery and food poisoning are very beneficial to drink black tea. The folks often use strong tea to paint wounds, bedsores and Hong Kong feet. 5. Detoxification? According to experiments, the tea in black tea can adsorb heavy metals and biological crickets, and precipitate and decompose. This is a gospel for modern people who are contaminated by industrial water and food. 6. Strong bones? Polyphenols (also in green tea) in black tea have the vitality that suppresss osteoclasting. In order to prevent common osteoporosis in women, it is recommended to take a small cup of black tea every day, and the effect is obvious for several years. For example, adding lemon to black tea, strong bones, and stronger effects. A variety of fruits can be added to black tea to play a synergistic role. 7. Anti -aging? Antioxidants in green tea and black tea can completely destroy the spread of chemical substances in cancer cells. The effect of black tea and green tea is roughly comparable, but the antioxidants of black tea are much more complicated than green tea, especially for the heart. “American magazines report that black tea anti -aging effect is stronger than garlic, broccoli and carrots. 8. To nourish the stomach and protect the stomach? When people drink green tea when they are not eating, they feel uncomfortable with the stomach. This is because the important substance contained in the tea-tea polyphenol has convergence and has a certain stimulating effect on the stomach. In the case, it is more irritating. Black tea is different. It is made of fermented and baked. Black tea will not only hurt the stomach, but can nourish the stomach. Frequent drinking sugar and milk black tea can eliminate inflammation and protect the stomach. The mucous membrane also has a certain effect on the treatment of ulcers. 9. Anti -cancer? The statement about the anti -cancer effect on tea is very popular. Researchers around the world have also made many explorations. In terms of green tea, new progress has been made. Studies have found that black tea is the same as green tea and has a strong anti -cancer effect. 10. Diamond blood vessels? Studies have found that patients with heart disease drink 4 cups of black tea a day, and blood vessels can relax the degree of diastolicism from the blood vessels. 6%increase to 10%. After being stimulated by ordinary people, the diastolicness will increase by 13%. In summary, black tea and walnuts can lose weight to a certain extent, and black tea can add a lot of other other other other than to add walnuts. There are many effects of things. Of course, when you add it, you must pay attention to see if there will be a reaction between the two!