Is Jin Junmei the best black tea?Take a reasonable view!

Jinjunmei Tea, a branch of small species of black tea Zhengshan, and innovative combination of new varieties of black tea. The picking process is made by hand -made tea masters, so the quality of Jin Junmei is very high, is it Jin Junmei? Is it the best black tea? details as follows! Jin Junmei’s grade? Jin Junmei was led by Jiang Yuanxun, the inheritor of the second fourteen generation of Zhengshan small breeding black tea. Jinjunmei Tea has a small and tight appearance, accompanied by golden yellow tea pills, golden soup, and sweet entrance. Jin Junmei’s reliable quality is derived from its strict picking and production technology. As the so -called “Ququshan turns, Fengfeng water is stream; Junmei has a cliff, and tea products are magical.” Jin Junmei was manually picked by a skilled tea -picking female worker. Every day, a female worker could only pick up about 2,000 sprouts. Combined with the traditional manufacturing process of the small species of Zhengshan, the master is handmade by the master. Each catty Jinjunmei black tea requires tens of thousands of buds. The efficacy of Jin Junmei? 1. Reflection? The coffee coffee of Jin Junmei Tea can excite the central nervous system to help people inspire the spirit, improve their thinking, eliminate fatigue, and improve work efficiency. 2. Diuretic? Coffee and tea in Jinjunmei Tea have diuretic effects and are used to treat edema and stasis tumors. The use of black tea sugar water and diuretic effects can treat acute jaundice hepatitis. ? 3. Strong heart -relieving spasm? The small amount of coffee coffee contained in Jin Junmei has the effects of strong heart, anti -spasm, relaxation and smooth muscle, which can relieve bronchial spasm and promote blood circulation. drug. 4. Anti -inflammatory and sterilization? The polyphenols in Jinjun’s eyebrows have the effect of anti -inflammatory effects. After experiments, it is found that the catechins can be combined with the bacteria of a single cell to solidify the protein and precipitate, thereby suppressing and eliminating the pathogenic bacteria. Therefore, patients with bacterial dysentery and food poisoning are quite beneficial to drink Jin Junmei. The folks often use strong tea to paint wounds, bedsores and Hong Kong feet. 5. Detoxification? According to experiments, the tea in Jin Jun’s eyebrows can adsorb heavy metals and biological crickets, and precipitate and decompose. This is undoubtedly a gospel for modern people who are polluted by industrial water and food. How to buy high -quality Jinjunmei? 1. Origin? In recent years, the industry -recognized authentic Zhengshan Jinjunmei has only Tongmuguan in Wuyi Mountain. The climate is suitable. Tea farmers have many years of experience in making black tea. The environment is easy to make good Jin Junmei. 2. The appearance? Jin Junmei is generally single bud heads. Dry tea stripes are strong and tight. The show is slightly bent, like hippocampus type, with front seedlings, uniform, and no tea and miscellaneous objects. 3. Color? Jinjunmei dry tea color is “three yellow and seven black”, uniform color, delicate oil, good gloss, and revealing. 4. Manufacturing technology? Jin Junmei uses the method of making small cigarettes of smoke -free main mountains. It will definitely not have a smoky taste, but some may have a pine smoke flavor. This is the tea maker’s own preference. 5. Bubble resistance? Zhengshan Jinjun eyebrows, soaked, more than ten bubbles still have the aftertaste. The soup is soft and the sweetness is obvious. 6. Scent? Jin Junmei has a sweet aromaThere are flower fragrance, longan fragrance, sweet potato aroma, etc., the aroma is long and long.In summary, the best tea in black tea is a small species of Zhengshan, and Jin Junmei is a treasure of the small species of Zhengshan, so from a certain degree of perspective, Jin Junmei is the best black tea, but in addition to Jin Junmei eyebrowsIn addition, the quality of other black tea is also very high.