Is it better to drink oolong tea or black tea?

Black tea is full of fermented tea, mild tea nature, oolong tea is semi -fermented tea, and tea is neutral. Under normal circumstances, women have many benefits whether they drink black tea or oolong tea. as follows! The efficacy of oolong tea? 1. Delaying aging? Oolong tea contains many active substances that can significantly improve the activity of SOD enzymes. It has a huge effect on delaying aging and healthy skin. Real? 2. Improving energy metabolism? Scientists have done an experiment to test the basic metabolic functions that improve water, green tea and oolong tea. The results show that oolong tea is more than twice the green tea, which has a significant effect on weight loss and energy metabolism. Essence 3. Reduce cholesterol? The active substances contained in oolong tea can well dissolve fat and inhibit the effect of cholesterol in the human body. It is a very healthy tea drink. 4. Eliminate greasy? Oolong tea China contains a variety of substances and can reduce greasy. It is particularly suitable for some friends who especially like to eat greasy foods. 5. Activating the autonomic nerves? Oolong tea can effectively improve the activity of autonomous nerves and sub -sympathetic nerves, which makes people feel relaxed and comfortable with the whole body. 6. Slimming weight loss? The main tannin and fat metabolism in oolong tea are closely linked, which can effectively help us lose weight and have a certain effect of weight loss tea. 7. Improve listening? Oolong tea has the effects of beauty, detoxification, advantage, convenience, resistance, and eliminating active oxygen molecules in cells. Middle -aged and elderly people often drink oolong tea to help maintain hearing. 8. Drinking oolong tea can also reduce blood viscosity, prevent red blood cell agglomeration, improve the state of high blood condensation, increase blood liquidity, and improve microcirculation. The effect of black tea? 1. Diuretic? Black tea contains caffeine and aromatic substances. After drinking black tea, people can increase the flow of kidney blood and promote human urination. For those who have Tongfeng and hypertension, suitable for drinking black tea in moderation. The diuretic effect of black tea is conducive to relieving edema. 2. Sterilization effect? u200bu200bBlack tea contains polyphenol compounds. This compound has anti -inflammatory effects. For people who have inflammation or food poisoning, they can drink black tea in moderation. Catechins in black tea can also be combined with bacteria, which can inhibit the breeding of bacteria. 3. Detoxification effect? u200bu200bSome heavy metals may remain in the human body. Tea in black tea can adsorb heavy metals in the human body, which is conducive to human health. Therefore, a person who has been in a heavy metal environment for a long time can promote the discharge of poisoning of the body. 4. Refreshing? Nutrition in black tea can stimulate the excited nerve center in the body and have the effect of refreshing. Black tea can also promote blood circulation and metabolism in the body, which is conducive to relieving fatigue problems. When you are in a high -pressure working state for a long time, you can drink black tea in moderation. 5. The heat clearing effect? u200bu200bThe temperature outside the summer is high, and the right amount of black tea is still good. Black tea contains a variety of phenols and amino acids, there areIt is conducive to stimulating saliva secretion in the mouth and has the effect of clearing heat. 6. Refreshing fatigue? Coffee in black tea is stimulated by stimulating the cerebral cortex to excite the nerve center, which contributes to the concentration of refreshing and thinking, and then makes the thinking response more keen and memory is enhanced. Strengthen the heart fight, thereby accelerating blood circulation to make new metabolism, and at the same time promote sweating and diuretic, thereby accelerating the lactic acid (material fatigue that feels fatigue) and other old waste substances in the body to eliminate fatigue. 7. Strong bones? In order to prevent common osteoporosis in women, it is recommended to take a small cup of black tea every day. The effect is obvious for several years. For example, adding lemon to black tea, strong bones, and stronger effects. A variety of fruits can be added to black tea to play a synergistic role. 8. Anti -aging? Research results show that antioxidants in green tea and black tea can completely destroy the spread of chemical substances in cancer cells. Boston Bass Israeli Female Deserture Medical Center Dr. Merry Mitterman said: “The effect of black tea and green tea is roughly the same, but the antioxidants of black tea are much more complicated than green tea, especially it is more beneficial to the heart.” Essence US magazines reported that black tea anti -aging effects stronger than garlic, broccoli and carrots. ? 9. Keeping stomach and gastric and stomach? When people drink green tea when they are not eating, they feel uncomfortable with the stomach. This is because the important substance contained in tea -tea polyphenol has convergence and has a certain stimulation effect on the stomach. In the case of an empty stomach, it is more irritating. Black tea is different. It is fermented and baked. Black tea does not hurt the stomach, but can nourish the stomach. Frequently drinking black tea with sugar and milk can eliminate inflammation and protect gastric mucosa, and it also has a certain effect on the treatment of ulcers. 10. Detonic blood vessels? A study of the American medical community is related to black tea. Studies have found that patients with heart disease drink 4 cups of black tea a day, and blood vessels can increase from 6%to 10%. After being stimulated by ordinary people, the diastolicness will increase by 13%. In summary, oolong tea and black tea are Chinese historical tea. For women, whether it is black tea or oolong tea, there are many benefits to our bodies. The premise is to drink tea according to their own physique!