Is black tea hot?How to drink black tea?

As we all know, black tea is fermented tea, and the degree of fermentation is relatively high, so many people think that black tea has a heavy degree of fermentation and the fermentation time is relatively long. , But in fact, as long as the way to drink is correct, drinking black tea will not get angry, as follows! Drinking black tea will not get angry? From the perspective of attributes, black tea is mild, which is an important theory of Chinese medicine. It can generally be called “four qi and five flavors”. Four qi (or quadruple), which is cold and warm, indicates the cold and heat characteristics of the drug. Five flavors, that is, the bitter and salty sour, indicates the taste of the drug. ? The sexual taste of tea, “New Materia Medica” is “sweet, bitter, slightly cold, and non -toxic.” “Compendium of Materia Medica” is “bitter, sweet, slightly cold, non -toxic”. The theory of traditional Chinese medicine is generally believed that: those who are sweet and suffering are diarrhea. Slightly cold, that is, cool. Drugs with coldness can clear heat and detoxify, and also consistent with the actual effect of tea. Therefore, because of fermentation and baking, black tea has weakened coldness, which becomes sweet and warm. Therefore, drinking black tea in moderation will not get angry, and you can get angry when you drink black tea too much. Especially the freshly roasted tea is a bit hot, it is best to drink it after a period of time. If it is summer, you can wait for the tea to drink. The contraindications of drinking black tea? 1. Avoid drinking new tea? Because the new tea is stored for a short time, it contains more oxidized polyphenols, aldehydes and alcohols, which has a strong stimulating effect on human gastrointestinal mucosa, easy Tempting stomach problems. Therefore, new tea should drink less, and new tea that stores less than half a month should avoid drinking. 2. Wash the tea first and then taste tea? Since the tea leaves are contaminated by pesticides such as pesticides during the cultivation and processing process, there is always a certain residue on the surface of the tea leaves. 3. Avoid drinking tea on an empty stomach? Drinking tea on an empty stomach can dilute the gastric juice, reduce digestion function, and high water absorption rate, resulting in a large amount of bad ingredients in the tea, causing symptoms such as dizziness, panic, and weak hands and feet. 4. Avoid drinking tea after meals? Tea contains a large amount of tannic acid. Tannic acid can react with the iron in the food, generate new substances that are difficult to dissolve. After a long time, it causes iron deficiency in the human body and even induces anemia. Ginseng and American ginseng should not be eaten with tea. Avoid drinking strong tea and hangover; not to drink tea before meals; drink tea immediately after meals. 5. Drink tea for fever? Tea contains tea crickets, which has the effect of elevating body temperature. Drinking tea for patients with fever is tantamount to “watering on fire”. 6. Instead of drinking the stomach and stomach? Coffee in tea can promote gastric acid secretion, increase the concentration of gastric acid, and induce ulcers and even perforation. 7. Taboo during special periods? Drinking tea during menstruation, specially drinking strong tea, can induce or aggravate menstrual syndrome. Medical experts have found that compared with those who do not drink tea, the chance of drinking tea habits is 2.4 times higher, and more than 4 cups of tea drinking tea per day increased by 3 times. 8. Drink tea according to physical fitness? The climate is different all year round. The type of tea should be adjusted accordingly. Drinking tea in spring, flower tea can be distributed; green tea should be drinking in summer; green tea in autumn; black tea in winter. ComprehensiveIn terms of income, Chinese medicine believes that although black tea has been fermented for a long time, black tea is mild, and has the effect of warming the stomach. Therefore, in order to avoid getting angry, it is recommended that you do n’t drink new tea. You can put new tea for a while before drinking!