How to drink black tea tea cake?Pry tea is important!

Black tea cake is the tight tea of u200bu200bblack tea, which is another packaging method of black tea, but it is undeniable that no matter what the packaging is like, the quality of black tea tea cakes must be good. Do you know how to drink black tea tea cake? Intersection details as follows! How to pry tea with black tea cake? 1. Use your hands to be suppressed by tea cakes. There are indeed tightness. Individual tea cakes can still be opened with bare hands. This is equivalent to breaking the tea from the middle. At the time of brewing in the later period, the bottom of the tea is broken and messy, and there will be more debris in the tea soup. It is worth reminding that the tea cakes that can be raw in general, in fact, the process of making cakes is average. 2. Use bamboo tea needles? Bamboo tea needles are very fragile. When inserting it into the side force of the tea cake is wrong, it is easy to protect itself. 3. Pry with a tea knife and tea needle? (1) Prepare the tool for prying tea tools, which are usually divided into two categories: tea knife and tea needle. If you use a tea needle or tea knife for the first time, avoid sharp parts and beware of stabbing yourself. (2) Pry the tea? Get the tea cake, first carefully observe the side of the tea cake, and find a gap to make the tea knife/tea needle easily pierced. This piercing point is as close to the surface of the tea cake as much as possible. This is more convenient and the resistance is small. After the tea knife/tea needle is pierced, the tool is thoroughly pierced into the ground as much as possible, which will help avoid being too loose to pry the cake tea. It should be noted that the first action is to go straight into the tea cake. It is best to let the 2/3 of the tools pierced into it, and then gently lift it up to separate the tea cake. How to drink black tea tea cake? 1. Boiling water? Because the water flowing out of the faucet is full of air, the aroma of black tea can be fully led out. Come to brew black tea. 2. Water injection? Inject the boiling water in the boiling water, the warm pot and the warm cup in a resting way, the general teapot shape has a fat round pot, which allows the tea to completely stretch and dance when brewing the tea leaves when brewing space. ? 3. Brembled tea? Putting a strong tea per person, but if you want to make good black tea, it is recommended to brew it with 2 cups of black tea (about 5g). Give full play to the original taste of black tea, and you can also enjoy the renewal of the renewal. 4. Breeding? After about 30 seconds after the water starts to boil, when the water splash forms a round -size coin -sized circle, it is most suitable for brewing black tea. 5. Breeding time? Because fast brewing cannot completely release the aroma of tea leaves, the general professional tea tank will professionally indicate the concentration of the tea, which is related to the time of brewing of tea leaves. The brewing time is from 2 minutes to 3 minutes and a half. 6. Tea -dividing tea and tea? Although there are various shapes of tea cups, in general, they belong to the lighter and wider cup mouth, because this can fully allow the tea drinking person to enjoy the aroma of black tea, and it is okay Appreciate its charming tea color. The above is the way to drink black tea tea cakes. In summary, black tea cakes andLike all black tea, when brewing, you must master the method and skills of brewing, and for tea cakes, prying tea is also critical, otherwise it will also affect the taste of tea!