How many times can the black tea Jinjun eyebrow be soaked?It is suitable for brewing Jin Junmei 6 times!

Jin Junmei, as a new variety of small breeding black tea in the “Yuanzheng” brand, has not only become a symbol of the quality of the top black tea, but also caused the black tea fever of the Chinese land. In the L7 century, the best products of European society are popular, so do you know that Jin Junmei, who is so high, can be brewed several times? details as follows! Jin Junmei brewed times? Under normal circumstances, in general, ordinary Jin Junmei can basically be soaked six or seven times, and the more expensive Jin Junmei, ten times, is completely fine. Simply put, Jin Junmei can stay incense to thirteen bubbles, but Xiaobian recommends that you can soak ten bubbles. After all, more than ten below tea leaves are basically no taste. But if you like to drink a very light tea, you can continue to brew and drink it. It is still good to return to Gan. Factors? 1. Breeding time? In the case of good water and boiling water, 3 grams of authentic golden eyebrows can be brewed 12 times, and the soup color is still golden with tea fragrance. It is recommended that the first bubble 15 seconds, the second bubble 25 seconds, the third bubble 35 seconds, the fourth bubble 45 seconds, and the fifth bubble for 1 minute. The time of each bubble increases for ten seconds, so that it is 1 minute and 30 seconds when the eighth bubble. In the ninth bubble for 2 minutes, the bubble increases for 30 seconds, and it is 3 minutes and 40 seconds at the twelfth bubble! The high -quality Wuyishan Jinjunmei black tea should be brewed more than 12 times. 2. Water quality? Breeding Jinjun eyebrows is better for soft water with high oxygen content. For example, water in nature, mountain spring, streams, or mineral water sold on the market can also be available. Due to the reduction of the oxygen content of two boiling water, the brewing Jinjunmei black tea is better to boil for half a minute after the fresh water source is boiled. Breeding method? 1. Tea set? Tea sets of tea sets are very important, and there are also effects on the taste of tea soup. When making Jinjunmei, it is recommended to choose Kung Fu white porcelain tea set or transparent glass. In this way, you can not only fully feel the tea fragrance of Jin Junmei, but also appreciate the beautiful attitude of its bud tip in the water. ? 2. Water quality? The water quality of Jinjunmei is also critical. It is best to use well water, mountain spring water or pure water. This kind of water quality is more fresh. It is not recommended to use tap water, otherwise it will waste such a good tea like Jin Junmei. 3. Water temperature? The water temperature when brewing black tea Jinjun eyebrows should be controlled. This is very important. The appropriate water temperature can make the aroma, taste and other beneficial substances of Jin Junmei to the maximum efficacy. It is recommended that the water temperature of Jinjunmei does not exceed 100 degrees Celsius. If it is too tender Jin Junmei black tea, it is best to dry the boiling water between 80-90 degrees Celsius. 4. brewing time? The amount of tea for each brewed Jin Junmei does not require too much, it does not exceed five grams. In addition, the length of the brewing Jin Junmei is also important. We use the brewing ten times as an example. The length of the first bubble to the tenth bubble is about: 15 seconds, 25 seconds, 35 seconds, 45 seconds, 1 minute and 10 seconds, 1 minute and 20 seconds, 1 minute and 30 seconds, 2, 2, 2, 2, 2 Minutes, 2 minutes and 30 seconds. 5. Breeding techniques? When making tea, you can first invest tea to make it warm, and the method of injecting boiling water is also important. NoIt will affect the posture of tea and the performance of material.When injecting boiling water, it is best to slowly inject along the wall of the cup, so as to ensure the clear and bright of the tea soup.In the income of Zong Sang, under normal circumstances, Jin Junmei can be brewed about 6 times, but how many times Jin Junmei can be brewed by various factors such as brewing, water temperature, water quality, and tea volume.Depending on the situation!