How long does the vacuum packaging black tea be guaranteed?Vacuum packaging is everything?

As we all know, black tea belongs to full fermented tea. The chemical reactions of polyphenols in black tea during the fermentation process make the chemical composition in fresh leaves change greatly. Good, at the same time, the shelf life of black tea will gradually become longer. How long is the shelf life of normal packaging black tea? How long does the vacuum packaging black tea be guaranteed? The shelf life of vacuum packaging black tea? Generally, the shelf life of black tea is relatively short. Generally, it is 1 year. The shelf life of bulk black tea is generally 18 months. Generally, the quality of the black tea is 24 months. Black tea packaged or packed with aluminum foil paper can be stored for about three years. Black tea packaged in paper bags can be stored for about two years. Precautions for the preservation of black tea? 1. Avoid high temperature? High temperature will accelerate the oxidation reaction inside the black tea, so that the effective ingredients and flavor substances inside will be decomposed prematurely and the nutritional components will be lost. Therefore, black tea cannot be stored in the balcony, kitchen, and top floor room, and should be placed in a cool place. 2. Avoid humidity? The existence of water will dissolve some organic matter in the tea in water and lose its flavor; and water will also ferment the tea again and make the tea leaves sour. Therefore Sour taste may be storage except the problem. At the same time, water will promote the breeding of bacterial molds, leading to nutritional loss and moldy. Therefore, black tea is usually stored at home, and the sealed container should be placed to avoid moisture. 3. Avoid the sun? Direct shooting will destroy the vitamin C in the tea, change the color and taste, and reduce the black tea drink experience. Therefore, it is noted that the sealed container that stores black tea is best to use the pamura iron. The container of glass or transparent plastic should be paid to the shading and avoiding light. 4. Avoid odor? Tea is absorbed. It ’s okay to put it next door to flowers and fruits. However, in order to pursue the original black tea, it is best not to expose tea in the air for a long time, especially in the air. Tea and air are easy to be oxidized and lost the original flavor. How to save the black tea? 1. Stay in the refrigerator? In daily life, we will put it in the refrigerator when we will buy it back to keep it fresh. Tea can actually be stored in the refrigerator for preservation. When saved in the refrigerator, it should be sealed and packaged, so that the odor and moisture in the refrigerator will not be absorbed by tea. ? 2. Before the iron can be stored in black tea, you must first check whether the can and the lid are closed and cannot leak air. When storing, put the dry tea leaf tanks and tanks. This method is convenient, but it should not be stored for a long time. ? 3. Ceramic altar storage method? Use dry and odorless, closed ceramic altar, wrap the tea with cowhide paper, separate around the altar, put a limped bag in the middle, put the tea bags on it, and fill the altar full of altars. Later, cover with cotton. The lime is replaced every 1-2 months. This method uses the moisture absorption performance of lime to make the tea from moisture, and the effectThe fruit is better and can maintain the quality of tea for a long time.4. The hot water bottle storage method? The hot and moisture -proof effect of the hot water bottle is very good. Therefore, it is actually very suitable to store tea, but if there are too many tea, many hot water bottle may not be easy to place.5. Packaging bag storage method? Wrap the tea with cleanless white paper, then wrap a piece of cowhide paper, and then put it in a plastic food bag without porosity, squeeze gently, squeeze the air in the bag, and then then get out of the bag.Tighten the bag with a thin soft rope to take a plastic food bag. The reverse put it on the outside of the first bag. It also squeezes the air in the bag and tighten the bag with the rope. Finally, put it in dry and tasteless.Instead in the closed iron cylinder.In summary, although the vacuum isolates the effect of air on the quality of black tea, the vacuum packaging is not foolproof. It is recommended that you choose the right amount of tea according to your needs when buying black tea, and it must be stored reasonably!