Early summer · black tea

Lunar calendar, Duanyang, Lingnan Dadi grass and wood, the hot air of the south is full of people.

The scorpion is essential, orange yellow salted egg yolk and large block of haloned meat, together with glutinous rice into the green leaves.

The glutinous rice is impregnated and slippery, bites a bite, and the lips and teeth are fragrant, and the melodes are sweet.

Green blueme is immersed in a thick grain wine, and then a few piece of yellow rock sugar is accompanied by a companion. After three or five months, the sour, rock sugar of the rock sugar, the alcohol of liquor, blending, green rice.

Sour is sweet in the mouth of the mouth, and the mellow is thick. Give her a name and meet.

In the afternoon, cut two three passion fruits, pour the yellow juice into a cup of warm water. Filling the fragrant taste in the room.

Two spoons of honey plus in, of course, the most delicious natural wild honey, like milky white silk, slippery in the juice.

Gently stir, drink a bite, sweet and delicious, with clean and clear fruit aroma. I scattered the summer day.

May, the South rainwater is very much. The sun is alternate with rain, it is not smart, which is a rain, you will pour your mood wet.

Everything around me has disappeared, and there is no fun, you are in a black and white world.

crystal clear, sweet, fresh and cool. A cup of red nine broke the boundless black and white.
You are in time. Time is in the tea. Tea is in your heart.
Merry, simple, happy. Black tea gives you the feeling of naked eyes. Such as a circle of thin ripples, from the inside to extrameal, accompanying the love of email.
A cup of black tea, the whole world is warm and bright.