Dianhong’s sun red

Yunnan black tea referred to as Yunnong, belongs to black tea. The Han tea farmers were created during the Republic of China. Its shape has its own specific specifications. The bones are heavy, the color is mixed, and the soup is red and bright after brewing. The aroma is fresh and strong. Fresh is its characteristic. The production of fresh leaves with large leaf -breed tea trees is made.

Yunnan black tea has the effects of warmth and warm abdomen, warm the stomach to remove cold, and eliminate appetizers. It is most suitable for friends with weak spleen and stomach, cold constitution, and frequent stomach. The biggest difference between Xianxi Hall and Dianhong and other black tea is: Xianxi Tang Dianhong adopts the drying method of drying red, which is naturally dry by the sunlight. The natural dryness of the sun can retain part of the active substances in the tea. With the connotation advantages and continuous growth ability of large leaves, it can be stored under suitable conditions to achieve the quality effect of the more fragrant fragrance.

The effect of Yunnan black tea: diuretic, detoxifying, anti -caries, lively heat, anti -inflammatory and sterilization, healthy stomach intestines help digestion, delay aging, reduce blood sugar and blood lipids, anti -cancer, anti -radiation, etc.

brewing method:

There are 3 major points in the bubble Yunna Red:

1. The dosage is appropriate for 5-6 grams.

2. Note that water temperature is best at about 80-85 degrees. You can boil the water first, and then place it for a few minutes. Do not add cold water or water to use.

Third, the soup should be fast, 1 ~ 3 foam is best to produce soup in 1 second, the fourth bubble starts to extend to 3 seconds, 5 seconds, 8 seconds to increase the soup. Can be brewed more than 10 times.