Chinese black tea famous tea, briefly describe China’s top ten black tea

Black tea was called “black tea” in the first system. It was named after the tea soup and leaf background of the brewed tea. , Yuehong, Quanchenghong and other types, do you know the main do you know about Chinese black tea? If you do n’t know, let ’s take a look at it! 1. Small species of black tea? Small species of black tea are divided into small seeds and small species of Outer Mountain. The small species of the Zhengshan species are fat, the color is dark, the soup is orange yellow after soaking, the aroma is natural, the fragrance of flowers and fruits, the taste is mellow; Add milk, the flavor of the tea does not decrease, forming a syrup -like milk tea, and the liquid color is more gorgeous. 2. Yunnan Red Gongfu? Dianhong Gongfu tea and Yunnan red red tea are mainly sold in Russia, Poland and other Eastern European countries and Western Europe and North America. Domestic sales of major cities. Dianhong’s tasting is mostly based on sugar and milk and drinking. The aroma of the milk is still strong. After brewing, the Yunnan black tea soup is bright and bright, high -end Dianhong, the contact between the tea soup and the tea cup often shows a golden circle. After cooling, the creamy and cold phenomenon appears immediately. 3. Qimen Gongfu? Qimen Gongfu Black Tea is a treasure of traditional Gongfu tea in my country. It has a history of more than 100 years. It mainly produces Qimen County, Anhui Province. “Baoguang and the greenness are rich in and well -known, and they enjoy great reputation at home and abroad. 4. Ning Hong Gongfu? Xiu Shui was known as Ningzhou in ancient times, and the black tea produced by the name of Ninghong Gongfu tea was produced. When in the Tang Dynasty, Xiushui County had already produced tea. The production of black tea began during the Daoguang period of the Qing Dynasty. By the middle of the nineteenth century, Ningzhou Gongfu black tea had become one of the famous black tea at that time. Ninghong’s main producing area Xiushui County (80%of the total output of Ninghong). 5. Chuanhong Gongfu? Chuan Honggan, produced in Lianlian County, Gaoxian County and other places in Yibin City, Sichuan Province. For more than 50 years, Chuanhong Gongfu tea brands such as the Sichuan Red Gui people, the wake -up golden white dew, the gold buds of the Syriafu, and the early white tip of the early white tip of the white tip. 6. Minhong Gongfu? Min Hong Gongfu Tea is the collective name of the government and Gongfu, Tanyang Gongfu and Bai Linfu, all of which are special products of Fujian. The three kinds of timely tea producing areas, different varieties, and different quality styles, but each has their own consumer enthusiasts. 7. Yuehong Gongfu? Yuehong Gongfu Tea is a Gongfu black tea produced in Zhejiang Province, produced in Shaoxing, Zhuji Yixian County and other counties. Yuehong Gongfu is tightly straightforward, and it is uniform and uniform. Yuehong Gongfu Tea is tight and straight, the color is dark, the shape is beautiful, the internal texture is pure, the soup is red and lighter, and the bottom of the leaves is slightly darker. The more red or white or gray. 8. Huhong Kung Fu The “Xianghong” of Gongfu tea is classified as the category of “Yihong Gongfu”. Huhong Gongfu is one of the long -established Chinese black tea in China, which is very important for the development of Chinese Gongfu tea.The role.? 9. Yonghong Kung Fu? Yi Hong Gongfu Tea is a drink.Yishi tea stripes are tight and thin, the color is dark, the aroma is sweet, the soup is red and bright, the taste is fresh, and the leaf bottom is red and bright.The tea soup of high -grade tea will also appear “cold after muddy”.? The red kung fu is tight, there is golden, the color is dark, the internal texture is high, the flavor is high, the taste is delicious, the soup is red and bright, the bottom of the leaves is soft, and the tea soup is slightly cold.10. Jiuqu Hongmei? Jiuqu Hongmei, also known as “Jiuqu Oolong”, referred to as “Jiuqu Hong”, is another traditional fist product in Xihu District, and is a treasure in black tea.Jiuqu Hongmei Tea is produced in Hubu, Shuangling, Zhang Yu, Fengjia, Lingshan, Xiongqiao, Shangyang, and Xiayang in Shuangpu Town, Xihu District.EssenceThe above is the top ten black tea famous tea in China. Generally speaking, there are many types of Chinese tea, forming a variety of tea leded with 5 major black tea varieties. Under the 5 major black tea varieties, it is divided into multiple black tea types. It is worthy of tasting.Intersection