Can you still drink black tea?How to check whether black tea is deteriorated?

Black tea is a famous historical tea in China. Like other foods, there is a shelf life. Most black tea shelf life is about 18 months. When the tea is placed for a long time, it is easy to mold and grow, smelling moldy, and severe moldy tea will rot into pieces, and green hair grows on it. as follows! How long is the shelf life of black tea? Normally, the shelf life of black tea is relatively short. Generally, it is 1 year. The shelf life of bulk black tea is generally 18 months. Generally, the quality of the black tea is 24 months. Black tea packaged or packed with aluminum foil paper can be stored for about three years. Black tea packaged in paper bags can be stored for about two years. How to check whether the black tea is deteriorated? 1. The color of the new tea stage, because the production has just been completed, the ropes of dry tea are more complete and the color is more vivid, giving people sufficient freshness, especially green tea. If the tea expires or overwhelms, the color of dry tea will be dark and no gloss. 2. Scent? It is also a common method to judge whether tea expires by smelling tea. In the normal range, the aroma will be relatively fresh and natural, with obvious types of characteristics, such as floral aroma and fruity aroma. Tea that are improperly stored or stored for a long time are prone to rot, mold, and odor, and it smells very uncomfortable. 3. Humidity? As a tea -selling tea, it has strict requirements for the water content. Generally, it is advisable to not exceed 7%. The tea content of tea will increase due to long -term static storage. If dry tea can be easily broken and pinch into powder, it means that the water content is within the controllable range. If you can’t break easily and feel wet, the water content of the tea leaves is high. 4. Taste? Normally stored tea, brewed tea soup, the taste will be full, have a certain sense of vitality, and it is more comfortable to drink. The expired tea is oxidized because the inside contains material and the brewed tea soup has a faint taste and a clear water flavor. How should black tea be preserved? 1. Save iron cans? Packing with iron cans can prevent the taste of tea, and better retain the aroma of Yunnan black tea; it can also put the already opened tea products back to the iron can to be stored. • Tie can easily adsorb odors and wet. If it is a moisture, not only the large amount of tea is overflowing and affects the drinking experience, but it will also mold and deteriorate, losing the value of drinking. Therefore, when saving, choose a container with better sealing, such as iron cans. Iron cans can be bought everywhere and the price is affordable, but the iron can also needs to be selected. First of all, it is clean and no odor, and the second is better sealing. ? 2. Save the ceramic tank? When choosing a clean and well -sealed ceramic tank, you need to put the tea with a sealed bag first and then put it in the ceramic tank. After high -temperature baking and fragrance, its aroma has been completely stimulated. After contacting the air, it is prone to oxidation and the aroma is lost with the air. ? 3. Preserve the preservation layer of sealed bags and refrigerators? With the development of technology and economy, manyThe court has already purchased the refrigerator.After buying black tea, you can put the tea with waterproof and sealed bags and put it in the fresh -keeping layer of the refrigerator.Take it out when you drink it. When you do n’t drink it, you can keep it back and store it in the fresh layer of the refrigerator.4. Packaging bag storage method? Find a food plastic bag without odor, put the tea in the tea, squeeze the air inside, tighten the bag with a fine soft rope, and then take another food plastic bag cover.Outside, the air was squeezed out and tightened the rope.5. Carbon sealing the storage method? Burn charcoal, and immediately cover it with a brazier to extinguish it. After cooling, wrap it with a clean cloth and put it in the center of the taogang of the tea.In summary, black tea is not a tea that can be stored for a long time. It is placed in the air for a long time. The aroma gradually fades, which will affect the taste of the taste.If it is expired, don’t drink it!