Can black tea and wolfberry be soaked together?Black tea wolfberry has a lot of effect!

As we all know, black tea belongs to a relatively high degree of fermentation. Black tea usually shows many characteristics such as softness and fever according to the origin, so you can drink it or drink it, but you need to pay attention to the taste of the mixed drink. Can wolfberry be soaked together? details as follows! The effect of black tea wolfberry? 1. Nourishing yin and bright eyes? People with common use of computers are prone to fatigue. Use wolfberry to make tea, which can nourish yin and eyes. When the weather is relatively hot, you can also use the method of soaking water to remove liver fire. 2. Aphrodisiac? Frequent wolfberry making tea can enrich the righteousness, nourish qi and nourish blood. The aphrodisiac function played by wolfberry has made Western people overjoyed. Smart British merchants call wolfberry “Fruit Viagra”. 3. Whitening and beauty? Women often drink wolfberry tea soaking can play a higher content of vitamin C in wolfberry than orange, β-carotene content is higher than carrot, iron content is higher than steak, natural β-carotene hers Can resist old, anti -cancer and prevention of sunshine skin damage. 4. Anti -aging? Wolfberry can fight free radical peroxidation, reduce free radical peroxidine damage, help delay aging and prolong life. For women, wolfberry is still a healthy and cheap beauty food. Wolfberry can help us improve the ability of the skin to absorb nutrients. In addition, it also has a certain whitening effect. 5. Sleeping? Wolfberry can be taken all year round. It has a certain relief effect on sleeping problems such as poor sleep quality and difficulty in falling asleep, which is conducive to improving sleep quality. It is better to make tea in summer, and it is better to make drinking in the afternoon, which can improve your physique and be conducive to sleep. 6. Improve the body’s immunity? Wolfberry has the effect of improving the body’s immunity. It has the effects of nourishing qi and strong essence, nourishing liver and kidney, anti -aging, relieving thirst, warming the body, and anti -tumor. In addition, wolfberry has the effects of lowering blood pressure, blood lipids, and blood sugar, which can prevent atherosclerosis, protect the liver, inhibit fatty liver, and promote the regeneration of liver cells. The suitable match of black tea? 1. Milk black tea? 3 grams of black tea, 100 grams of milk, 2 grams of salt. Put the black tea in the pot and cook with water for 5 minutes. Filter the black tea leaves, and cook milk with another pot. After boiling the milk, add the tea juice and add salt to pick it up. Drink once every morning to effectively replenish qi and blood and strengthen your body. ? 2. Astragalus black tea? 15 grams of astragalus, 3 grams of black tea. Put the astragalus in the pot and add an appropriate amount of water for about 15 minutes. After putting in black tea, cook for about 5 minutes together. Astragalus is sweet and flat. It has the effects of nourishing qi and yang, reconciling the spleen and stomach, moisturizing the lungs, and expeuls of eliminating phlegm. ? 3. 500 grams of sugar cane of sugar cane? 500 grams of sugar cane, 5 grams of black tea. Peel the sugar cane, chop, and fry with black tea. Clearing heat and reinforcement, treating dry throat thirst, itchy throat, cough, fatty food, etc., are ideal health tea. 4. Glutinous rice black tea? 50 grams of glutinous rice, 5 grams of black tea. Wash the glutinous rice and put it in the pot. Add an appropriate amount of water to boil. Add black tea to the cooked glutinous rice to drink. Nourish qi nourishing blood and improve symptoms of weakness. 5. Osmanthus black tea? Dry osmanthus 7-10, 20 grams of brown sugar, 5 grams of black tea.After adding osmanthus and brown sugar to black tea, brew with hot water.It can achieve the effect of relieving qi and sparse liver.In summary, because of fermentation, black tea is very gentle. It can be consumed with a variety of things and shows different tastes. For example, adding wolfberry to black tea is a very good way, but pay attention to reasonable drinking!