Black tea, is it really so good?

Black tea is named after the soup color.

The weather turns cool, soaked a glass of warm black tea, the red and seductive soup color, not only bringing the warmth of the spring breeze, comfort of the soul, spiritual pleasure, but also many health care effects, so that the whole world is for the world to do it. Pour.

1. Anti -virus disinfection

Scientists at the Institute of Environmental Health Sciences, Shizuoka Prefecture, Japan announced on October 6, 2016 that they have successfully confirmed that the tea lutein in black tea has antiviral virus Effect.

It can not only disinfect the human cup virus such as Noru Virus, but also is expected to be applied to the field of food poisoning. The specific results have been published in internationally renowned academic magazines.

From 2011 to 2015, the research institute jointly developed the development of virus disinfection agents such as the Shizuoka Prefecture Dacian Dashen Pharmaceutical Exploration Center.

Studies have found that the tea lutein produced during the fermentation of tea can greatly reduce the ability of the virus to be virus.

It can be confirmed when experimented with cat cells that virus infection is reduced to about one thousandths, which is effective for the three alternative viruses of human noddo virus.

If you want to disinfect the virus, you often need to use sodium hypochlorite or heating, but both methods are not suitable for disinfection of human hands.

Camellia lutein is a natural ingredient that does not harm the skin and does not cause metal corrosion and the smell of chlorine. It can be used to make hand -toas disinfection agents.

Experts said that they will jointly develop disinfectants containing tea lutein with relevant companies.

Camellia lutein mainly exists in black tea. In addition, there are a small amount of tea such as oolong tea and yellow tea.

Camellia lutein is a type of natural tea pigment formed in the process of tea fermentation, which is called u0026 ldquo; soft gold u0026 rdquo;

2. Refreshing and exhaustion of exhaustion

It was found through medical experiments that coffee coffee in black tea stimulates the cerebral cortex to excite the nerve center, promote the concentration of refreshing, and then reacts the thinking response More keen and keen memory.

It also has an exciting effect on vascular systems and hearts, strengthens heart fight, thereby accelerating blood circulation and metabolism.

At the same time, it also promotes sweating and diuretic, so that the two tubes accelerate the excretion of lactic acid (material fatigue material) and other old waste substances in the body to achieve the effect of eliminating fatigue.

3. Mild temperament and cold nourishment

Black tea is rich in protein and sugar, which is sweet and gentle.

Most of the winter, the climate is in a low humidity state, and the human body has been in this way for a long timeIn the environment, it will inevitably suffer from wet and cold invasion.

Ganwen’s black tea can just nourish the human body’s yang, enhance the human body’s ability to protect the cold, and have a good effect of heat and warm the stomach.

If some honey, ginger, milk, etc. are added, the cold effect is better, and some nutrition required by various types of human body can be supplemented.

4. Diuretic

Under the combination of coffee coffee and aromatherapy in black tea, increase the blood flow of the kidneys, increase the glomerular filtration rate, expand the renal microvascular, and inhibit the renal tubular pairs Re -absorbing water. As a result, the urine volume increase.

So it is conducive to eliminating lactic acid, uric acid (related to gout), excessive salt (related to high blood pressure), harmful substances, etc., and eased the edema caused by heart disease or nephritis.

5. Anti -inflammatory and sterilization

The polyphenol -type compound in black tea has the effect of anti -inflammatory effects, and then found that catechins can be combined with the bacteria of single cells to make protein coagulation and precipitation. By this to suppress and eliminate the pathogenic bacteria.

So patients with bacterial dysentery and food poisoning are very beneficial to drink black tea, and the people often use strong tea to apply wounds, bedsores and Hong Kong feet.

6. The detoxifying liver becomes relaxed

According to experiments, the tea in black tea can absorb heavy metals and biological crickets, and precipitate and decompose. For people, it is a gospel.

7. Strong bones

On May 13, 2002, the American Physician Association issued a survey of 497 men and 540 women for more than 10 years. Polyphenols (also in green tea) have the vitality of inhibiting destruction of osteocyte substances.

During the season alternation, the weather changes fiercely and the temperature changes greatly, which can easily cause joint pain to cause osteoporosis.

The manganese contained in black tea is one of the indispensable elements of the bone structure. Drinking black tea is very beneficial to the strong bone.

The polyphenols in black tea also have the vitality that suppresss the destruction of osteocytoma.

In order to prevent the occurrence of osteoporosis, at the stage of exchange in this season, you can adhere to taking a small cup of black tea every day.

You can also add lemon to the black tea, strong bones, and have stronger effects; you can also add various fruits to play a coordinated role.

8. Antioxidant delaying aging and aging forever

In the past 5 years, the US government funded more than 150 research on green tea and black tea and their chemical composition.

The research results show that antioxidants in green tea and black tea can completely destroy the pathway of chemical substances in cancer cells.

Boston BassDr. Mertelman, Director of Vascular Popularity of Israeli Female Deacon Medical Center, said: u0026 ldquo; black tea and green tea are roughly the same, but the antioxidants of black tea are much more complicated than green tea, especially for the heart. Essence

US magazines reported that black tea anti -aging effects are stronger than garlic, broccoli and carrots.

9. Diet and greasyness

Due to the weather, in general, people will have a heavy dressed in winter, a significant reduction in exercise, and increasing appetite and increasing eating greasy food.

Over time, we have accumulated food and stay, fat deposits, and small belly rises.

Drinking more black tea at this time can remove greasy, clear the stomach, and help us, and help us who love beauty to solve u0026 ldquo; do not lose weight in winter, and sorrowful u0026 rdquo; in spring.

10. Diopa blood vessels are beneficial to the smooth heart blood circulation

There is also a recent study related to black tea in the American medical community.

Studies found that patients with heart disease drink 4 cups of black tea a day, and blood vessels can increase from 6%to 10%.

After being stimulated by ordinary people, the diastolicness will increase by 13%.

A variety of nutrients, such as a variety of water -soluble vitamins, rich trace elements, potassium, manganese, and also contain one flavonoids.

After the brewing of black tea, 70%of the potassium is soluble in tea, and potassium has the effect of enhancing the blood circulation of the heart.

In winter, due to temperature and other factors, people’s ability to move the cardiovascular and cerebrovascular activity, especially the elderly, can easily induce cardiac and brain diseases.

Black tea contains a large amount of polyphenolic compounds such as lymine and catechin. This kind of substance has a strong fat antibiotic effect, which can inhibit vascular lipid oxidation and platelets condensed, which can prevent preventive Coronary heart disease or stroke can also help reduce the attack of heart disease.

Therefore, in the winter, the old people can also drink more red tea to prevent cold and prevent diseases.

11. Prevent a cold

Mr. Shimamura, a professor at the Medical Department of Showa University, said that using black tea mouthwash can prevent popular colds.

Professor Island Village did a test, and he divided 300 students into two groups: one group of people rinsed with tea twice a day; and the other did not do so.

Five months later, the group of students using tea was basically not knocked down by a cold virus.

This is because the tea contains catechols. This substance is very high in black tea. It helps to inhibit the activity of oxygen free radicals in the human body, help the human body to resist external viruses, and curb tumor growth.

Professor island village said that research proves that the concentration of black tea can reach 5%Fully kill a cold bacteria, and the concentration of black tea we usually drink is generally between 2%and 5%.

Professor Island Village introduced the specific method of rinse:

After getting up every day and after returning home, each mouth was rinsed, and the black tea was contained in the mouth for 15-20 seconds, and then spit it out.Just repeat it in two or three times.

Professor island village pointed out that in addition to black tea, green tea also has this effect. The better the high -quality tea to prevent colds, the better, and the inferior tea is basically not this role.

12. The incidence of cancer in the world is greatly reduced

The statement about tea has anti -cancer effects, and researchers from all over the world have also explored many of them, butIt is generally believed that the anti -cancer effect of tea is mainly manifested in green tea.

But now there are new progress.Studies have found that black tea, like green tea, also has a strong anti -cancer effect.