Black tea concentration high side effects, avoid drinking strong tea

Black tea is Chinese historical tea. It consists of different ingredients, mainly including caffeine, fluoride, glucosol acid and lactic acid, manganese, potassium, tannic acid, purine, or meal acid ester. Under normal circumstances, drinking does not cause harm to our bodies, except for drinking strong tea, because drinking strong tea will have a lot of harm, as follows! 1. Deep tea destroys the kidney? Strong tea contains high fluoris. Drinking strong tea often damage the kidneys. Because the kidneys are the main excretion organs of fluorine. When the body intakes the excretion ability of fluorine that exceeds the kidney, the fluorine is accumulated in the body, and the fluorine content of the kidney will increase significantly. Test “tea -type fluoride poisoning”. In addition, tea also contains substances that form stones. People who often drink strong tea should pay attention to whether they have kidney stones. ? 2. Deep tea ruins the stomach? The thick tea contains too much caffeine, tea, etc., which can stimulate the stomach wall cells and cause excessive gastric acid. In the long run, gastric mucosa will be stimulated and damaged, causing inflammation, congestion, edema, erosion, and even gastric ulcers, gastric esophageal burns, and ulcers. The survey shows that about 70%of patients with gastric ulcers have good drinking tea. In addition, caffeine in strong tea can also make people addiction and form a vicious circle. 3. Deep tea blood vessels? The blood vessels of the elderly are fragile, and the light green tea is conducive to the treatment of hypertension. In addition, the stimulus of caffeine will promote the rapid heartbeat, accelerate blood flow, and accelerate breathing, which can easily lead to arrhythmia or tachycardia, cause palpitations. unfavorable. 4. Determination of strong tea? There are more coffee coffee in strong tea, and coffee can not only inhibit the absorption of calcium in the duodenum, but also accelerate the excretion of calcium in the urine. Due to the dual effects of inhibiting absorption and accelerating excretion, calcium deficiency in the body can easily induce calcium loss in the bone. For a long time, osteoporosis will occur, and fractures are prone to occur. 5. Sleeping of strong tea? Strong tea can cause insomnia. We all know that tea contains 2%to 5%caffeine, and the caffeine content in strong tea is higher. A cup of thick tea contains about 100 mg of caffeine. Excessive caffeine can cause excessive nerve excitement and cause insomnia. 6. Nutrition of thick tea? There are also many tannic acid in thick tea, which will hinder the body’s absorption of iron, manifested as iron deficiency anemia, and can be combined with protein and vitamin B1 in food, leading to constipation. Nutrition experts have found that excessive tea drinking will increase urine volume, causing the loss of important nutrition such as magnesium and potassium. 7. The effect of destruction of thick tea? The tannin and tea crickets in the tea are also easy to chemically change with drugs such as hypnosis, sedatives, and iron -containing blood supplements, enzymes and other drugs. It is generally believed that it is not advisable to drink tea within 2 hours of medication. 8. Dilute the gastric juice? A person secretes the gastric juice at 1.5-2.5 liters every day. These gastric juice can make reasonable digestion of the food that a person takes every day. After drinking a large amount of thick black tea, the gastric juice will be diluted, reducing the concentration of gastric juice, so that the gastric juice cannot digest food normally, thereby causing indigestion, abdominal distension, abdominal painSome symptoms can even cause duodenal ulcers. 9. Fighting the absorption of iron in the human body? Tea contains tannic acid. The black tea contains about 5%, and the green tea contains about 10%. When the human body drinks a lot of strong tea, the combination of tannic acid and iron will be more active, which will cause obstacles and effects on the absorption of iron to the human body, making the human body manifest as iron deficiency anemia. 10. Section of constipation? Tannic acid in black tea can not only be combined with iron, but also combine with the protein in the food to generate a piece of tannic acid protein that is not easy to digest and absorbed, leading to the generation of constipation. For the elderly with constipation, the constipation will make the constipation more serious. 11. Creating blood pressure and heart failure? Caffeine in thick black tea can cause the human heart to accelerate, thereby increasing blood pressure. At the same time, a large number of thick tea liquid enters the blood vessels, can emphasize the burden on the heart, produces uncomfortable symptoms such as chest tightness, palpitations, etc., and aggravate the degree of heart failure. In summary, normal and reasonable drinking is good for our bodies, but the tea polyphenols contained in black tea may affect the joints. The stronger the black tea, the higher the content of this enzyme. In addition, the strong tea is also There are many harms!